Backer goods delivery date?

Any clue when we’re going to see the other physical backer goods go out? Tshirts, coins, gismoplex air fryer?


I think late April/early May is the current target.

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Just what they’ve said in the updates and here.

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Keep an eye on this page for the most up-to-date estimate on reward delivery!

Supply chains, y’all. Only as strong as their weakest link. Or so I assume.


I misread the thread at first as Baked Goods delivery date… Ohhh are they sending out the left over Raisin Snails??

But seriously, I want my hoodie.


I bought a jacket specifically to put the patches on.

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After reading through all the goodies being delivered soon, I’m glad that a few of my physical stuff will arrive at around late April/early May. But then I also felt so sad and jealous that I wasn’t able to afford the private meet and greet session, because of how expensive it was when the Kickstarter was still active at the time. That would’ve been so cool. sighs Maybe next time.

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