Backer Preview Livestreams gone?

It appears that the Backer-only Preview Livestreams are no longer available on either VHX or in Virtual Theater Vault.
If this is an intentional thing as the Public Premier Livestreams are now available, I’d like to ask that the Powers That Be consider adding as Event Replays the pre- & post-episode content from the Preview livestreams. This content was unique, interesting, and for 1301–featured the origin of White Dot.
Thanks for the consideration.


On the bright side, those of us who did see it can always say ‘You weren’t there, man, you weren’t there!!!’ to those who haven’t.


I’m a uniter, not a divider.


I should also mention I’m fully behind bringing the original previews back for the backers. The extras could even just be extras on the gizmoplex for all, in the not too distant future.


I, too, would like these to return, not just for the continuity of White Dot’s character arc and the Q&As; I also really enjoyed the original intermission in Santo!


They are still in the app. So I imagine that it’s just a bug, or a temporary issue rather than any sort of “removal”


Again, those livestreams I see have the date on the ticket from last weekend–not the preview dates.


Did you get your issue resolved? I still see both.
Screen Shot 2022-05-16 at 9.41.12 AM
Screen Shot 2022-05-16 at 9.41.23 AM

Look at the play times–livestream has intros, commercials, and post-film discussion. Missing only “white dot.”

My only worry is that we might not be able to download the raw Livestream versions. I’m hoping that the messed-up date on the livestream "ticket"means that both downloads will be available this week.

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Seeing the original White Dot material was like buying the Velvet Underground record when it came out - only a handful of people did it, but all of those who did started their own Dot.


I think the issue is the premiere livestream is still up but the pre-launch livestream has vanished. You only have screenshots of the premiere livestream and the regular episode.

What’s missing are the events labeled as PREVIEW for 1301, 1302, and 1303. They were the “rough cuts” of the episodes (with no credits) and completely unique livestream elements like the Q&As and the papermations controlled by string.

As of this morning, all three continue to be missing from the Gizmoplex.