BackerKit Question (Solved)

Just for the heck of it, I decided to look at my BackerKit today. I quickly noticed this:
Clicking on it, I saw what the issue was:

But the thing is: I already have a 12-month pass (The Holiday Special add-on).

My question is: What should I do here?

Thank you in advance!


It’s a quirk in the system. @ivan is the man to ask on this.

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I wouldn’t do anything before hearing from Ivan or tech support on this.

worth asking, have you tried viewing anything on the gizmoplex or logging in so far?

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Gizmoplex is fully functional for me. Good idea to double check!

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You can tell it you don’t want one – if you got it as an add-on reward, you’re all set. That’s just meant to indicate that it wasn’t included with your pledge LEVEL. I’ll adjust the question to be clearer – and thanks for letting me know about the confusion!


I can confirm that choosing that option took care of the issue.

Thank you so very much!