Bargearse: an early 90s riff on a 70s Aussie cop show

Back in the early 90s most of my friends and I were addicted to an Australian comedy show called The Late Show (no not that one!). It featured skits and standup and other assorted hilarity, and was the pinnacle of entertainment back then.

One regular segment was called Bargearse, hilariously riffing a terrible 70s Australian cop drama called Bluey (no not that one!).

Turns out the Bargearse segments are available on YouTube, such as this compilation.

I think MSTies will get a kick out of this - there’s lots of great gags, usually at the expense of the cast or direction. It is a little dated with references to then-prominent figures like Christopher Skase (a disgraced businessman) but overall I think it holds up pretty well.


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Bargearse. It’s Australian for Mitchell!

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