Baron crushes all, yield before the Baron Appreciation Thread!

It’s interesting, you know? Whereas what I like about Hampton’s Crow is all in the BIG BRASH LOUD RAMBUNCTIOUS “I’M GOING TO FIGHT ERRYTHING AND ERRYONE” moments, what I like about Baron’s Crow is in those smaller, subtler moments of character work that serve to establish his character as being more inflated and cerebral and what-have-ya.

Case in point, there was the one piece of fan art in Season 11 that had Baron’s Servo saying that he was obviously thinking up another brilliant scheme.

That’s not to say that I don’t love it when Baron’s Servo is a big ham, because I can just point to his host segments in Santo in the Treasure of Dracula in which he yells “SILENCE!!!” for SCIENCE!!! and has those wrestling niceties for Crow, BROTHERRRRRRRRRRRR! And then there’s that great moment where an irate Servo chases Jonah with a urinal cake during the Invention Exchange for Lords of the Deep.

Point being, while Baron’s Servo is different from J. Elvis Weinstein’s sly seen-it-all-twice Servo and Kevin Murphy’s bombastic self-assured Servo, it feels very much like it’s within the overall continuity of the character, and honestly? I’ve been loving Baron’s work.

I like that Baron is able to infuse the character with a nerdy charm, like when he’s making video game references such as humming the Legend of Zelda secret tune during Avalanche or dramatically announcing “Scorpion vs. Sub-Zero… FIGHT!” in Wizards of the Lost Kingdom I (and continuing that trend with the “Ermac wins… BABALITY!” reference in Robot Wars).

As @ArtCrow mentioned, Baron made “Concepts” an all-timer of a host segment, and as @FlyingSquid noted, his game has been off the charts for Season 13. And I can’t wait to see how he keeps elevating and improving his performance!


Also, when Baron’s Servo dropped that Jacques Tati reference in Reptilicus, I KNEW he was gonna be a winner. Absolutely perfect and in-character for Servo.


“…and Vootie oh doe
No kind of coat but a raccoon coat.
Stocks are goin’ up, goin’ up, goin’ up…”


Yes, that was my first favorite riff if the new cast! I was worried they’d be a little too “current” for my old ass.


Likewise here!

Yeah, some people’s fears over every other riff being about vaping were largely unfounded.

They still brought in a crazy variety of references from all over the pool (that Red Stripe commercial riff from Avalanche, anyone?), and it was all something fantastic.


I can’t believe I didn’t actually properly contribute to this one yet!

Tom Servo is my fave bot because of his lovely voice and my perception that he’s the smart one in the group (sorry Jonah). Seasons 11 and 12 are where I started really getting more regularly into MST3K in that I was actually watching consecutive episodes rather than skipping around and watching random stuff. So, in a sense, Baron was my first regular Ton Servo - though I’d already developed a TS preference, Baron definitely helped solidify him as my most fave bot. :smiley:

I would like to see some competetive ASMR (???) between Baron and Conor though. Maybe in a short?


Teal soundproofing was the best way to go.

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I don’t remember if it’s the first thing I caught him in but of course playing Zeke the security guard on the Comedy Bang! Bang! tv show was phenomenal. He’s so fun on that show of nothing but fun.

He kills it as Servo. Makes the role his own while still being Servo effortlessly. I love it.


Agreed. His interpretation falls within the continuity and feel and flavor of the other Servos, but is very much his own thing.

ALSO, I love what he’s doing as Dr. Kabahl - THE MYSTERIOUS FINANCIER FROM THE FUTURE.


Baron has really grown into this role. I love him as Servo! I’m hoping he stays on for a season 14 and beyond!


I mean his singing the Lee Majors song in Killer Fish :joy_cat::+1:

ow, my clavicle!!


My head? Why does it keep turning every time I see or hear that name?


I just hope all his money isn’t in Crypto. I mean there’s Evil and then there’s, well… Crypto. :neutral_face:


His fortune might be tied up in cryptic currency


Or, because he’s from the future - Cronitonic currency.


He’s actually the largest shareholder in Bittime, the blockchain replacement for safe, dependable, boring linear time. Each second can be up to 100 times shorter or longer in duration depending on the vagaries of the market.


Quiet! You’ll give them ideas!


“He’ll ne-ver te-elll…”

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I get sad sometimes


Look, you’ll also start appreciating safe, dependable, boring linear time after you’ve inadvertently experienced not that. My name is @Amanda_Gregory and I endorse Bittime.

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