Batgirl shelved by DC Comics "never to be seen!"

Are they at least getting James Earl Jones back?


they need about $22 Billion too buy hulu.

if it gets them a tax write off, every little bit helps. especially if they think it won’t be good.

So… um.

I suppose that when they launch that “feature”, blocking that bull-butter will cost extra?

Yeah, I’m probably done w/ HBO, er MOX.

Great work! Executive pay isn’t just being lit on fire while we watch Rome burn… really. Not being sarcastic at all… honest.



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It includes TCM. That alone is outrageous.

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The first time something I’m watching on Max is interrupted by a news alert, I’m canceling.


Hmm. I’d better hurry up and watch the new season of Harley Quinn before it’s too late.


For me, it would depend on the frequency of the alerts and the severity of the news. If it’s a couple of times a day to report the ongoing rescue of five children from a cable car gondola, that’s one thing. It’s dramatic, but it’s highly unlikely to affect me personally. If it’s limited to things like, a plane has crashed into one of the World Trade Center towers or the President has been shot, that’s another. The latter is no different than what broadcast news has done for decades.

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In the bad old days when I watched broadcast television, they would regularly break into a show with a repeated five-minute message warning about a severe thunderstorm in a town 100 miles away. Whatever part of the show it happened during, you missed.

If the world is ending, let it end… it’s not like there’s anything I can do about it. At least I’ll die having seen my damned show.

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I get 500 alerts on my phone for all of these scenarios anyway. Don’t need one interrupting the service I’m using to watch The Red Shoes.

People are so plugged in these days that these alerts are not necessarily. The motive behind them isn’t public safety, it’s getting more people to tune into CNN and raise their ratings.

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Zaslav isn’t the only dickweed at WB.


Huh, Well this is the first time I’ve seen an exec making noise about annual subscriptions. I’ve been predicting that would happen for the last three years.

These exces can’t seem to get it. I’m not paying $20 a month to six, eight, ten different streamers to get one or two shows that might be interesting and a back catalogue that doesn’t amount to much. This is one more reason why the consolidation is coming. These streamers have to make their back catalogues large enough to be worth the cost.

Of course, it also has to be available. Pulling content so you don’t have to pay the creatives their due isn’t going to fly either.


Bold Strategy Cotton GIF by MOODMAN

If they want to see piracy skyrocket to record high levels… annual subscriptions are the way to go.

There’s nothing on Mox I could justify paying for one month to watch right now, so, annual sub? Guess I’m done with them for good.

Besides the Gizmoplex - which is a special case, I have one annual sub, FloSports, and that’s only because the CARS Tour racing series is on it, and Dale Jr is a part owner of that series and races in that series from time to time, and I wanted my mom to be able to watch any races he was running.

They sent out a survey yesterday in fact, and I said that the lack of a monthly option , or a more affordable motorsports-only option, was probably going to push us to cancel at the end of the year.

Annual subs will push my family to buying a handful of TV seasons and renting movies on iTunes … Not paying for annual subs to any of them…


The Gizmoplex doesn’t count because our dollars are going directly to creating something we love. When you give your money to Netflix or Max or whatever, you just have to hope they keep making things worth watching.


Exactly. It’s a very special case… and the other… is for my mom…so… yeah.

My mom doesn’t like anything on Mox, Starz, Netflix, D+, etc. enough for me (or her) to pay a year up front.

They’re dreaming.


I agree annual is a bit much. 3-6 months is more realistic. The problem is, churn is real. And the lost revenue from that churn even more so. I fully expect the days of “free trial week” is not long for the world. (it’s already a week and not a month) because people can still binge through the two or three shows they want to watch in that time and move on.

Production is expensive. The streamers need a steady revenue source to fund those productions. This is also why they are really pushing the ad-supported tiers. This isn’t altruism of making their content affordable to everyone. That is guaranteed money.

Right now I pay for Disney+, Netflix, and Amazon Prime*. Netflix may not be long for the world, but we’ll see. We watch a lot of Disney movies so their back catalogue is of interest. As for the rest, I might flit through one for a month and then drop it. There isn’t enough there for me to care.

*It’s part of our Prime subscription in general.


Yeah, pretty much the same set of services here…

Prime and Netflix are the only ones that don’t get a monthly hard look at canceling, but Netflix is getting close? Prime shipping use has dropped this year, only two things I’m buying regularly enough on Amazon that’s keeping me hooked… only Prime show I like that wasn’t on FreeVe was “Good Omens”? So?

D+ is a 2 months once or twice a year thing, and honestly, if they pushed for 3-6mo minimum, I’d wait 12-18 months and several series/movies in the can before doing that, and likely cut my spending from 4 months/yr to 3, or from 8mo/18mo to 6? Not much I’d mind missing watching at the same time as “everyone else” so? If they push me, it’ll likely save me money… I’m not sure how I fit in with the average viewer though? Many parents are probably already on an annual plan, so? The only people who may get bullied into 3-6mo or 12mo plans are the fans that have to watch every movie/every episode within a week/month of them hitting the service? I guess D+ could squeeze a little more out of that group? Maybe? Money is already tight? Multi-billion dollar entertainment companies crying poor and jacking up prices when people can’t afford eggs or gas? Good luck. I guess?

The other services? The last thing Starz has is Outlander… After that? Not sure when I’d want to pay for even a month, never mind 3-6? Would probably be done with Starz for good…

After what Zas has done to HBO… er MOX, I can’t see giving them one red cent…monthly… ever? Annual? ROFLMHWPCAO!

NBC’s The 'Cock keeps getting more and more of my motorsports, and I’m pretty much subscribed to them for the entirety of the motorsports season… ~9mo/yr? But, if they keep hiking up their prices, or push to an annual plan, I may just stream the free live radio feeds for the few races that aren’t on OTA or cable and save all that money entirely/use it for attending local races in person.

The cable TV replacement streaming services that deliver the live sports, especially local live sports, can get away with more … maybe… but if they push for annual, or hike the prices much higher, many of their customers will just go back to cable?


I think these MBAs are out of their depths when it comes to attempting to manipulate their customers into funding their vacation homes and yachts…

I could be wrong.


They think we’re so dependent on their product that open contempt of us is safe.

Is it true?


Yeah, I dunno’. Public service orgs and governments seem to be abandoning the idea of accessible local emergency info. They’re leaving it more and more to private entities which frequently aren’t even based in the community they ostensibly serve. Being “plugged in” to who and what… that’s kind of important. :frowning: