I published my Beatles page (some of it I cobbled together from things I wrote here). I had a great time going through the albums again.

So, what’s your favorite album or song, or top 5 or whatever for each?

On my list I went with the standardized editions established in the late 80s, but if you want to include the Capitol’s, who am I to say you can’t (heck, I adore “Meet the Beatles” myself, love that it has the hits - it’s the LP I grew up listening to - still have my old record, and will still give it a listen on occasion)

Ever since hearing the British release of Revolver (in roughly 1980) I’ve considered it the best of their albums. I was shocked when Rolling Stone (I think it was) ranked it the #1 album of all time – I never thought anyone would admit it was the best Beatles album, defying the conventional wisdom of Sgt. Pepper. My favorite Beatles period was the middle, starting with I Feel Fine and closing out with the McCartney side of Strawberry Fields Forever/Penny Lane (which not surprisingly sounds more like Eleanor Rigby than it does I Am the Walrus.)

My hope is that someone who knows more than me will compile all the Beatles-related riffs in MST3K.


My favorite Beatles album is Sgt. Pepper with Revolver second. Favorite song is a tough one, but I’m going with “In My Life.”


My favorite song of theirs is “And Your Bird Can Sing”, but I have many other favorites. Favorite album - probably Rubber Soul.

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Mine was “Revolver” with “Rubber Soul” a close second. I can’t remember what I thought of Revolver as a kid, I liked it a lot, but thought it was strange that John only had 2 songs. I came to love it once I got the hear it the way it was supposed to be heard.

“A Day in the Life” I think is the greatest song ever recorded in popular, rock music. But they have so many gems, I treasure all of those you mentioned, “And Your Bird Can Sing” (great guitar work), “In My Life” (wise lyrics)… the list would go on and on.

Favorite song they never officially released (until they showed up on Anthology, etc)
“That Means a Lot” (I’m also fond of “Leave My Kitten Alone”)

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I saw the “Love” Cirque de Solei in the Mirage last week and it was pretty cool. Great music along with some good visual acts and feats. Recommended it … go while you can because they’re tearing the Mirage down soon I guess.

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My favorite Beatles song is Tomorrow Never Knows, which is on my favorite album, Revolver.

Also, the Chemical Brothers song Let Forever Be is very clearly a tribute to Tomorrow Never Knows and it’s worth a listen.


Ah, yeah… I love a song that transports me, and that one certainly does. A very mesmerizing soundscape.

John had the ability to do that in several numbers, Walrus, Strawberry Fields, the lyrics in Lucy do that (and it’s trippy musically of course) - just sends me away to another place.

and I would Love to see Love, but alas…


On another subject, I had an album of songs that were either Beatles parodies or comedy songs about The Beatles. This one really stuck out:

This was a big hit in the (gulp!) disco era. Word was the singers were offered royalties or a TV, and they took the TV. Beatles content begins at about 1:30.

Here’s some actual brilliance in a Beatles homage from Harry Nilsson.

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I like both, but obviously Nilsson’s was better.

A high school friend passed along a tape of this, and I always dug it:

The doctor in this case is indeed: Doctor Fink - Wikipedia