Bee & Puppycat!

Netflix has an amazingly charming show called Bee & Puppycat: Lazy in Space. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It’s laid back adventures on an island with Bee, a childlike young (?) woman who has trouble keeping a job, and her friend Puppycat, a creature thingy who gets them temp jobs in space. Puppycat has a lot of secrets though, and over time it becomes evident that so does Bee… Things get weirder, but also still pleasantly laid-back and fun. If you enjoy cartoons like Adventure Time and Steven Universe you’re almost certain to love Bee & Puppycat.


But if I might take the opportunity to explain something about it first? Bee & Puppycat was originally a series of 10 short episodes. They were eventually aired on VRV, then put officially on YouTube. Watch them all here:

EDIT: I forgot the pilot! Watch it first.

Bee & Puppycat pilot
Bee & Puppycat eps 1-10

Then, they managed to make 13 more as a direct follow-up, but something happened and VRV didn’t show them. still claims the show is coming to VRV. The episodes ended up getting leaked to the internet, and some people watched them there.

Then Netflix picked the show up, and in order to fill people in, they made three new episodes that summarize the original series. The new episodes are presented as episodes 1-3 of Lazy in Space, but 4-16 were not made, it seems, with them in mind. Some things are subtly different, and in particular they hurry through the original story… but they’re also better animated than the originals.


I saw the YouTube versions a while ago and they were a lot of fun. I’ll have to check out the Netflix series with my daughter. Thanks.

Also, I believe the showrunner/creator was originally an animator on Adventure Time, so that’s probably why it’s a little reminiscent.


Those Channel Frederator shows all took soooooo long to come out and then it seemed like they all had just been cancelled without any word.

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You know, I was looking for something else on da 'Flix when this popped up. I liked the sound of the lead voice actress so I decided to watch the first two of these instead.

I will say this, both episodes gave me the “WTF did I just watch” vibe.

That makes me curious enough to keep watching. Might check out the youtube stuff.


The youtube versions are a lot more leisurely with their storytelling, and give you a much better sense of the kind of show which it is. (And the whole Youtube series is only a bit over an hour long anyway, so might as well!)

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Yeah, it sounds like something happened and the bigger company messed over the creators. It’s a bummer but apparently the entire second season is leaked and out there somewhere? I love the reveal at the end of the first. I didn’t watch the Netflix series yet but I hope it also has the melancholy tone the original often had.

The Netflix show is the second season, with three extra episodes at the start recapping the first season; the later episodes (4-16) are the episodes that leaked before. And yes, it definitely has that melancholy tone to it, but also its air of whimsy and fun. And I agree that the reveal at the end of the first season is great, it explains a lot about Bee, but also we get the sense that she’d probably be much the same kind of person even if wasn’t for that. Despite being able to punch apart boards and stuff, she’s still pretty grounded.