Behind the scenes of Demon Squad

Confirmed in the new update: both Smiths will be in the aftershow this Friday.


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I think one thing that makes it special for a movie like this to be on the show is that movies like Demon Squad are very likely to come and go without notice. I think the only movie Wild Eye has distributed that might prove to have staying power on its own is probably VelociPastor, because that movie’s clever utilizing of it low budget to feed its wit is gaining traction with a cult following. Demon Squad being on MST3K ensures that more people will see this movie and it will have more staying power than most of its contemporaries. Even if the movie suddenly disappeared from streaming in ten years, there is every reason to believe MSTies will still be watching and discussing this episode, giving this movie a larger life expectancy than anybody thought they would get.

In addition to Thomas and Erin, I know that the writer of The Christmas Dragon, Shylah Addante, has shown enthusiasm for seeing the film on the show as well, so I’m hoping she’ll guest on that episode.

For anybody interested in hearing more about Demon Squad’s production, there is also a new interview article by


Thank you, @Erin_Lilley_Smith and @FightingOwl, for the behind-the-scenes details. As someone who has never been involved with anything beyond a high school stage production, these insights are fascinating!


Also executive producer, makeup artist, and prop maker.


I suspected as much, so I just quoted the flyer, in quotes. As a microbudget project, it wouldn’t surprise me if most of the production team had multiple industry-creditable tasks. (*checks IMDB*) … Yep! :grin: :+1:

Ooh! I started reading this long and good and fun interview, but decided I would get more out of it after I saw the movie (MST3K episode) and “met” some of the people in the live post-show discussion. I look forward to reading it this weekend. :spiral_calendar:


Final Photo: This one is a behind the scenes look at the Frankendemon make-up, not worn by the actor from the film, but by director Thomas Smith!


But, where is she?


That’s the mystery at the heart of this movie.


Since most of us have watched the episode, here’s a threadbump so everyone can look at these photos again and spot all the stuff from the movie.