Bert I Gordon - 2 part poll

I’ve never done a poll so I thought I’d give it a try.

First up - Pick up to 3 of your favorite Bert I episodes and discuss.

  • King Dinosaur
  • Earth vs the Spider
  • Amazing Colossal Man
  • War of the Colossal Beast
  • Tormented
  • The Magic Sword
  • Beginning of the End
  • Village of the Giants

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And the second part of the poll - Wouldn’t it be nice to see the return of Bert I to MST3K? Sure would, but what movie would you like to see MST tackle? I’ll give you 2 options here.

  • The Cyclops
  • Attack of the Puppet People
  • Necromancy
  • The Food of the Gods
  • Empire of the Ants
  • Burned at the Stake
  • Other (write in vote)

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Tormented gets my vote because I enjoy it riffed and unriffed equally.

Would love to see Empire Of The Ants land on MST3K, and Necromancy sounds like a good choice too. While I’ve never seen it, his TV movie Take Me to Your Leader sounds like a good fit as well.


Bert I. Gordon’s young daughter makes Tormented great for me. She was also in The Five Pennies and a Twilight Zone episode and was great in those too.


I went with War, Beginning and Village… but there’s not a one I dislike.

Food of the Gods would be fun to do, plus it has Pamela Franklin (I’m a fan)

I think Rifftrax did Puppet People?

I left several off, the Mad Bomber concerns a serial rapist, not a fun subject, and The Big Bet sounds skeevy. The Witching is Necromancy with added scenes (mostly to up the exploitation factor, or so I’ve read)


They did. It’s an okay episode.


Agreed—that’s one I almost never go back to, if I even have. It didn’t grab me.


I checked and yup, I bought that one. Not sure I’ve seen it since.

And Magic Sword has just tied the Grasshopper movie… between this and my picking Basil in the best villains thread, Who is your favorite villain from a movie featured on MST3K? - MST3K Central - Mystery Science Discourse 3000

I now have a hankering to revisit that episode.


My top two are The Magic Sword and Earth vs the Spider, both by a wide margin over the rest (I did vote for Magic Sword). I can understand why Beginning of the End and Tormented are higher up, but Earth vs the Spider I think has so many of the funniest riffs ever. Carol’s dad’s caverns! Earth Versus Soup! We have one deer leg and we’re going to use it!

And of course, it’s the episode that gave us plenty of lip and tongue action.

I thought the Rifftrax of Attack of the Puppet People was a very good one, but I’ve only seen it once and since I’ve never seen the others I will leave it to the more well informed Bert I. Gordon consumer to vote on that one.


Village of the giants! my parents knew Trisha Sterling she gave me a stuffed panda bear when I was newborn.


Beginning of the End.

Maximum Peter Graves! If only I knew where he attended school…

Yeah, RT did do Attack/Puppet, but it’s kind of a minor classic movie, and I wouldn’t mind seeing some fresh takes on it.

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Tormented is very watchable. It feels like lower tier William Castle knock off but I find it more watchable than the giant animal movies, which should be less boring than they are.

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Amazing colossal because it was my first
Magic Sword because it’s fun
And Tormented because it had a very impressionable effect on young me teaching me the value of epic snark

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