Best and worst movie endings

Honestly, I think they were going for a kind of 60s high school O. Henry ending. Sandy was willing to change herself to fit into Danny’s world, and Danny was willing to change himself to fit into Sandy’s world. Why did they go back to his world instead of hers? I would guess it’s because it’s easier to take off a letterman’s jacket than to change her whole outfit. :slight_smile:


This is valid, but also I feel like every musical or romantic comedy has undertones which would be really creepy transposed into a realistic setting. I’m not sure there’s any way around that.

(While I’m not into the Twilight thing at all, I do think it’s funny when people act like its gross, retrograde dynamics just came out of nowhere.)


A best ending that comes to mind is The Shawshank Redemption. A worst, that 90s Sharon Stone movie Sliver. Eesh, even the title of that says “If you think the name of this movie sounds uncomfortable and pointless, just wait”.


Favorite - Fantasia (1940) the way Night on Bald Mountain and Ave Maria play off each other makes me emotional almost every time.


If a sliver doesn’t have any points, isn’t it more like a crumb? :thinking:

So Crumb should’ve been the name of the movie. (Oh, wait…)

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Best Ending(s): The Maltese Falcon (1941) and the Usual Suspects (1995.)

Worst Ending(s): Too many to mention, but including Superman (1978) and Titanic (1997.)

Best: Parasite is an all time favourite and I can’t think of a more damning indictment of the dream of capitalism than a cruel dream of a loving but naïve son.

Worst: Look, it’s not a good movie anyway but Invasion is the worst Body Snatchers remake by far and I hate how they not only gave it a happy ending but one where everyone is relatively fine after most of humanity is turned. I don’t mind people get turned back. What I do mind is the lack of fall out because even if most people survive, I feel like the complete lack of fallout gives the film very little point to have having happened.

Best? I’d need to think about. Worst? I Am Legend. I had to concentrate on not unleashing profanity in the theater.