Best MST3K on Shout?

I’m coming back to MST3K after an extended absence and shocked but thrilled to see how many eps I’ve never seen. That said, I’ve seen all the NETFLIX and at least what’s free on PRIME.

I’m looking for opinions and recommendations for your favorite MST3k episode, preferably on SHOUT as there’s no commercials.

I don’t care what genre overall and I like Joel and Mike so era won’t be an issue.
That said, I do love horror and sci-fi most.

I watched “Space Mutiny” last night — wow!!
Literally used Battlestar Galactica footage & the model too!
It was pretty great!

Thank you for any and all suggestions.

a few of my favorites (( non platform specific))

Pod People
Wild Rebels
Prince of Space
Cry Wilderness
Mac & Me

and a riff I Can never forget – though I can’t remember the film or if I have who said it right –
((As a monster/alien is destroying Tokyo, Servo says “Oh the humanity!” and then Crow “Oh the Japanity!” )))) on second thought I think it was Joel who said the 2nd part.


On Shout, I highly recommend Future War and Eegah. And you should probably watch Manos just for the experience, if you haven’t already.


Some of the best episodes on Shout are Tormented, The Day the Earth Froze, Village of the Giants, Code Name: Diamond Head and Danger!! Death Ray.


They have the Russo-Finnish quadrilogy, which for my money, represents four god-tier episodes of MST3K:

The Day the Earth Froze
The Magic Voyage of Sinbad
The Sword and the Dragon
and my all-time favorite episode, Jack Frost!

There’s plenty of other gold selections, too.

The Horror of Party Beach is some fun 50s B-movie monster horror hokum.

The Pumaman and Werewolf represent some of the best of Season 9 AND the entire series.

Mitchell is on a whole other level, and it’s one of the most important episodes, since it’s where Joel passes the torch to Mike.

And it’s hard to go wrong with Ed Wood silliness with Bride of the Monster.

Lots of fun stuff to choose from, and also regrettably The Castle of Fu Manchu. [side-eyes that episode]


“Oh the Japanity” is from Prince of Space.


And isn’t the first line (spoken by Mike) “Oh the inanity!” not, humanity?


Yeah, Space Mutiny is one of my all-time faves. An excellent Shout Factory available one that I think you should check out is Cave Dwellers. That’s kinda my go-to episode to recommend to people who wanna check the show.

Oh and any giant turtle movies.


You like some of my favorites, so I’ll add and/or second:

  • Giant Spider Invasion (my #1) and any other Season 8 episode
  • Quest of the Delta Knights
  • The Magic Sword
  • The Giant Gila Monster
  • Village of the Giants
  • Earth vs the Spider
  • The Pumaman

These are ones that keep my interest from start to finish. My husband seconds Cave Dwellers.


Best Shout! Titles are:

Future War
Final Sacrifice
Screaming Skull
And all five Gamera movies

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ESPECIALLY with that great Gumby short!

I mean, all @wyswysia’s episodes are great selections, but these three are money.


I love Giant Spider and ALL of season eight, but most of those were on Rhino. Sorry to split hairs.

Okay, I’m wrong on some season eight classics such as; Thing that Could’nt Die, Horror of Party Beach, Deadly Mantis and Mole people. On second thought, forget what I said.

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This was an episode that I was glad to see making the rounds on a Turkey Day Marathon. It really deserves more love than it gets. It’s spectacularly, unabashedly goofy, and that results in gold.

These, but ESPECIALLY Eegah. Hilarious as hell, and it works as a really effective relaxation episode, perfect for kicking back and all.


I meant any available Season 8. My #2 is The Thing That Couldn’t Die (Final Sacrifice is my #3 if anyone’s interested) and I wish they were easily available! I wouldn’t say to no to The Mole People if offered and I just realized this is about to turn into an ode where I wax rhapsodic about the great bounty of Season 8…


For real.

The only Season 8 episode I’m iffy on is Invasion of the Neptune Men, and even then, it hits the spot under the right circumstances.

That season is ridiculously jam-packed with fantastic episodes!


I’d agree on Invasion of the Neptune Men. I’ve been meaning to give it a rewatch, though.


Yeah, it’s one of those episodes you really have to be in the mood for, but when the planets align, it works.


The last half-hour is quite the bravery test, but you can handle Rock Climbing and Sandstorm, you should be fine. But, yeah, it’s also one my lesser favorites of Season 8.

Of course, it has its moments, such as the “Noh Theater” segment!


It’s so hard to watch Neptune Men when Prince of Space is available just three episodes earlier. It’s undoubtedly my favorite Japanese episode. No offense to the Fugitive Alien, Gamera folks.


Does Shout show the episodes without commercials? I tried to watch one last week and the amount of commercials was so unbearable, I had to turn it off. I was trying to watch the one with the guy from the Dukes of Hazzard. The Killer Shrews!

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yes to no commercials!
the SHOUT streaming eps have no commercials.

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