Best Streaming Services to Find Cheesy Movies

Scholars and archaeologists of cheesy movies, where do you dig to find the next cheap thrill?

Some of my current favorites:

Tubi - Big and diverse library. A good place to find sludge both new and old.

Plex - I don’t see this one mentioned much, but it has the most impressive movie library I’ve seen on a free service. Tons of genuinely good flicks along with the cheese.

Paramount+ - Cheap subscription for a significant chunk of the Paramount movie library. Contains many movies that have been riffed in their raw form.

B-Movie TV - As far as I can tell, this is Roku only. Out of several 24/7 TV-style B-movie streamers this appears to be the sole survivor (RIP Zom-Bee TV). It’s still actively maintained and updated and has been a treasure trove of new finds. But be aware, it streams all types of genre movies so sometimes it airs some pretty rough stuff. They don’t publish a clear schedule so you don’t know what you’ll get until you’re seeing it. Only recommended to grownups with a strong constitution.

Amazon Prime - Beneath the big releases is a nearly bottomless pit of garbage.


Roku has a metric ton of channels dedicated to B- (and worse) movies. In addition to the above-mentioned B-Movie TV, I have Comet, Filmrise SciFi, Midnight Pulp, Dust Sci-Fi, Fawesome Sci-Fi, Raygun, Otherworlds, Monster Movies, Classic Horror and Sci-Fi, Creature Features, Sci Fi Collection, Sci Fi Favorite Classics, Beta Max TV, Troma NOW!, SciFi Flix, OSI 74 (Praise Bob!), Sword-n-Scandal, Skunky Cinema, Retro Science Fiction and Horror, Essential Sci Fi, Creature Features… and many more that I can dig up.

Before I got my set last year, I stated that I watched very little TV – hadn’t had cable since about 2005, and didn’t miss it.

Now I have 200+ channels on my list…


I have more than a few in that list, but you mention several I haven’t heard of and will need to check out.

I used to like Cryptic TV.

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While it isn’t “the next thing”, if you have a “live tv” channel on your smart tv - also, if you have a smart tv - there is an MST3K channel. All MST3K, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Ammendment: they do also claim Rifftrax and a couple of the other spinoffs, but I’ve never caught any of those on there

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I frequently have the 24/7 stream up on the Shout Factory app. They infrequently play some Rifftrax, Cinematic Titanic, and Film Crew. SF is also my go-to for on-demand experiments.

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Shout Factory, thank you. I couldn’t remember the name, and I couldn’t look as I’m currently “working” in my office.

Paramount Plus has Epix and they have a lot through their Drive In channel. Speaking of Paramount, Showtime has some through TMC’s weekly Splatterday on Saturday double features. I saw Andy Warhol’s Dracula on there many years ago.

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I also swear by TubiTV. I watched one bad shark movie and was soon awash in options for more.


Tubi for sure- if you don’t mind the ads, I’ve watched quite a few through them now.

Paramount± never has a streaming service seemed so grim when scrolling through the “comedy” section

Amazon Prime- thanks to bad movie watching, this service has a low opinion of me now


Tubi for me.

Some of my current favorites:
Microwave Massacre
Class of Nuke’Em High
Chopping Mall
Slumber Party Massacre series


Chopping Mall was “Best of the Worst”:

Season 2, Episode 1 of “The Last Drive-In” showed Chopping Mall and had Kelli Maroney as a guest:

Season 1, Episode 1 of TLDI showed Castle Freak and had Barbara Crampton (also from Chopping Mall) on.


Tubi is excellent! There are quite a few Roku apps with classic and modern Sci-Fi/Horror films.

Also, I have own quite a large selection of B-grade and Z-Grade films. Some stuff that is hard to find.

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Shout Factory has recently started another 24/7 channel featuring uncut horror movies … so far I’ve caught bits & pieces including Witchboard, (featuring David Coverdale’s ex-girlfriend and Patch from Days of Our Lives), Nosferatu (it’s maxschreckalicious) and a Corman-produced dud called Forbidden World.

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Pluto TV. There is a MST3K channel, a Rifftrax channel, and lots of other good finds.


Dud?! Dud?!?! It won three Saturn awards and grossed $4M on a $1M budget.

I mean, yeah, it’s leftover Galaxy of Terror props with Battle Beyond The Stars archive footage and it was produced, written and directed in a fortnight…but dud?



Or not Tubi.

[I am not sorry. Nope, not a bit]


Valid. And truth be told, I only caught about 15 minutes in the middle that featured several nude people, some epilepsy-inducing editing, heinous synth horns and about five total lines of dialog, so I’m not qualified to judge. Suffice to say: appeared duddish from what little I saw.


No, I think you’ve got it.


Justwatch used to be a good place to find the free stuff, but their discovery changed and now it’s a big hassle. They don’t list movies. They list sources. Pretty lame.