Better Update, guys

I dropped by there, and it was talking about how the deadline for getting Gizmonic yearly passes was last Friday. It also said the first three movies will premiere for “non-members” in May. I wonder if “non-members” can buy or rent them once they are released. Hope so.
Swag is still available, along with gift passes where once can get a month of Gizmoplex goodness.
I am sure it’ll be fixed soon. Thanks

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They just wrapped on production yesterday so they’ve all been busy. I’d gently suggest giving them a bit of a grace period before making such a post.

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Good point. I forgot they’re a small company compared to the media monolith that they used to be with, and two others before that. I’m used to companies who update their websites quickly when changes are made suddenly (ask fans of Conan O’Brien or All Elite Wrestling).
I was just worried people will buy the pass today, then find out it doesn’t work on March 4th but will two months later. Some people don’t read the medium-sized fine print.
Again, my apologies, but I was just worried.