Bill Nye the Science Guy vs Beakman's World

Who’s your favorite 90’s kids show scientist? Bill Nye or Beakman? I preferred Bill Nye myself.

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Bill Nye the Science Guy!

It was actually targeting a slightly younger demographic than me. My younger brother watched it all the time and I just watched it with him, but I enjoyed it.

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I’m not proud of it

Bill Nye I respect for the science…

But I watched Beakman for Alanna Ubach


We didn’t get Bill Nye for some reason, so my only option in my youth was Beakman’s World.

As someone who was previously a college physics lecturer and put together a children’s physics camp, I definitely see the value in both of them.

And someday I’ll actually put together the children’s show I’ve been dreaming up for several years. I just need to learn literally anything about, you know, making any kind of show. The science and explanation and storylines though, I got those in spades.

I may need to go watch some Beakman’s World now, just for the nostalgia.


I say do it now!
A phone, a youtube account, and a couple of sock puppets.
Yadda Yadda Yadda
media superstar

(Thats how it works right?)


It’s just that easy folks! No experience necessary!

In all seriousness though - it’ll be a combination of Bill Nye + Carmen Sandiego + Alton Brown. Some adventure storyline involving beating the Bad Guys ™ using science, relevant science history using puppets, and of course awesome mind-blowing demonstrations of cool science stuff.

I’m actually really excited about it but keep getting pulled away from figuring out how to actually make it happen (I know nothing about filmmaking, I’m only a consumer) by stupid life stuff like work and school. It’s gonna be so much fun, someday!


Bill Nye vs. Beakman? The winner is obvious — Mr. Wizard!

Both owe a lot to him! Beakman even acknowledge this; the penguins were named “Don” and “Herb” for a reason.


You kids these days!
You need a dose of Mr. Wizard or Julius Sumner Miller to straighten your brains out!

Edit: Looks like @RRRob beat me to the scolding. :laughing:


You’re all wrong, check THIS guy out, he’s so friggin’ pumped about science.

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I watched Bill Nye during my elementary, and middle school years. But during the middle school days, there was one classmate in my science class who couldn’t stand hearing the word: “inertia”.

I don’t know if I trust a “Rob” with extraneous consonants in their name

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You’re one to talk… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Team Mr. Wizard here. That dude was just too awesome.

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@RRRob and @Robb rn:

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I’m not sure why, but I never saw much Bill Nye back then, I got plenty of Beakman’s World reruns though, enjoyed it a lot, so I suppose I’ll go with the latter.


that’s amazing

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“Beakmaaaaan!!!” :+1:

(That’s a vote for Beakman’s World.)


Mr. Wizard, for sure.

But of these two choices, Beakman.


Beakman was fun, not boring or a johnny-come-lately. Who’s the other guy again?


We’re gonna need another Timmy!