i am a poor poor boy, can i get full access pass and have it billed monthly instead of one chunk?

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Mama Mia

You may want to reach out to for the best info?

@ivan , any options available?

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Could you watch by individual live event? I think they’re only like US$8!


Does their system accept PayPal? PayPal Credit has pay in 4 and pay over 6 months options. I use it a lot for entertainment purchases over $100.


That’s a great idea, if they don’t accept payments through PayPal yet they probably will soon! :heart:

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I’m feeling big smooshy today @somewhatsimian - you want me to getcha the movie for tonight, my treat?

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well i think i may have seen already, being kickstarter, but thankyou v much

Yeah, but the second cut is CRISP!