Black Friday rates for AMC+ - includes a selection of episodes from Seasons 1-10!

My wife signed us up for AMC+ through the Roku channel. I think she got us a few months for $.99 a month, and they are also doing a year subscription for $1.99 a month. I mention it because it includes access to MST3K episodes from seasons 1 through 10! It’s not every episode, but theres a whole bunch for those looking for legal access to streaming episodes, especially if you’re a Roku user. I spotted several I didn’t otherwise have access to. Be sure to set yourself a reminder to unsubscribe before the full price kicks in if you don’t plan to keep the subscription and pay full price.

Lots of other premium channels available short term for low cost, but this one gets you a stack of MST3K along with it.


Are there any that Shout Factory isn’t streaming for free already?


I found a complete list of episodes on AMC+, by season:

At a glance, I found several episodes that aren’t on Shout:

Women of the Prehistoric Planet
Project Moonbase
The Crawling Hand
Stranded in Space

I’m sure you’d find more if you check each season.

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Stranded In Space ain’t shouty, but the other three are.

Huh, I must have typo-d when I searched. Maybe the 6 or seven 7 seasons I didn’t scan will fare better? At any rate the Mrs. signed up for it, so I’ll steam a few episodes without commercials. Or at least I hope I will… I don’t enjoy paying and seeing ads. I’m spoiled that way.

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MMMmmmm. Steamed episodes. :upside_down_face:

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Darn, only 8 S8 eps and 4 S9 eps.

Is that an Albany recipe?

No, not Albany. It’s a Utica recipe.

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Gets them nice and hot but preserves all the vitamins.

You know, these episodes are quite similar to the ones they have at the Big G Burger.

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This place? Otherwise I might need a link.


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Oh, you meant literally. Well, OK then.

Is it better for library access than Shout Factory TV?

I honestly don’t know how the two compare. Since the AMC content is organized pretty well, I’ll see if I can make a list from what they have and paste it here.