Blending of Franchises

The blending of franchises. Is it ever good? Freddy vs Jason (2003)? Predator vs Alien (2004)? The MCU? Where is more actually more? What must not be combined and what should?

I don’t consider the MCU as a blending of franchises as they were are related from the beginning. Freddy vs Jason was a cash grab that in my mind wasn’t horrible but did nothing to add to either franchise.
The Alien vs Predator movies were ok in my mind but not critically liked. They also had easter eggs for Blade Runner, so they really merged 3 franchises.

If you dissect Marvel’s The Avengers (2012) especially as the film heightens in drama, one scene embraces the cutting and music of Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) and another feels like Kenneth Branagh’s Thor (2011) right to Chris and Tom speaking dialogue and behaving as if directed by Ken. Producer Kevin Feige even said it was a group franchise ensemble merging the worlds of all the films into one narrative. If that isn’t blending than what is?

P.S. It’s not exactly the same as the other examples and yet differing series exist in one story and the tropes, idiosyncrasies, and traits of each mix together in one property.

But an opera does the same thing. Individuals can have a specific musical theme that follows them throughout the opera. Themes within an opera can vary greatly in style. This can even be seen in the blocking and set design for specific characters. This doesn’t mean the opera is a blending of franchises.

Not only the music Hakundsen, the editing patterns, the direction of particular scenes that imbibe the spirit of a specific franchise dramatically, and the resonance and callbacks to a past movie intentionally to the extent of reliving that movie are what I’m relaying. Operas are a mesh too but here you have the formalism of film technique and cinematic identity toggling to various settings from different movies uniquely which is why I at least referred to it as a possibility. Think what you will yet that’s my reasoning.

An Avengers (2012) blow-by-blow. The confrontation between Captain America and Loki early on is Joe Johnston’s Captain America (2011) before Iron Man blasts in. Thor and Loki conversing on the mountain is Kenneth Branagh’s Thor (2011). Robert Downey Jr and Gwyneth Paltrow flirting in Stark Tower is Iron Man (2008). Captain America by himself on the hover aircraft carrier fighting the terrorists and possibly falling to his death is First Avenger in cutting, atmosphere, stunt work, and music. The intention by Joss Whedon behaves to me as a component recreation of the exact cinematic signatures of the colliding movies and tapping into them particularly when one character is alone by themselves. At those points, Joss bows to the precise recipe and manufactures an exact copy of the source. One moment we’re in Captain America and in the following scene it’s Iron Man. I’ve never quite seen that achieved before in film which is why I make mention of it. Thanks.

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In his Dark Tower novels, Stephen King constructed a way for ALL of his stories to exist within the same continuity. Kind of like Michael Moorcock with his Eternal Champion. Kind of brilliant, really.

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