Blobfest 2022: The Uninvited

Hello, fellow movie nerds. For those of you in the Philadelphia area, or those of you who are willing to travel, might I interest you in Blobfest, the annual weekend-long monster movie festival held at the historic Colonial Theatre where sequences of the 1958 classic The Blob were actually filmed? If that sounds like it’s up your alley, and you can forgive my use of run-on sentences, please check it out! Details are in the link. Beware of the Blob!


I’ve always wanted to attend Blobfest, but I’ve never been. Love that movie.

That always looked such a great time, especially when they recreate the movie theater run.

Definitely recommended for folks who can make the trip!

I really need to rewatch The Blob! I doubt I will be able to make it to the fest though, sadly. :slightly_frowning_face:

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I try never to miss it! What an awesome treat having access to the Colonial actually is. :slight_smile:

Especially since Exhumed Films have started showing content there too.

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