Blu ray or DVD Season 13 Box Set

Got my backer reward survey but for some reason I’m really indecisive about submitting it. You have to make a final decision on Blu ray vs DVD for the Season 13 Box Set. Originally I had planned to go DVD, which I did for Season 11. I’m still leaning toward it but am hesitating. I have devices that can play Blu ray. But DVD seems like it would be the most “compatible”. Like if I were to loan it out to someone (am I going to loan it out?) chances are better that they would have a DVD player rather than a Blu ray player. Have only watched maybe 1 or 2 movies on Blu ray. Computers don’t even seem to come with disc drives in them these days unless you buy an external one?

Would there be actual differences between them? Other than say video quality? And for the source movies being riffed, video quality is not the issue… Would there be more discs/ less discs for one vs the other? I know I could purchase both as another Add On but I don’t want to do that.

BTW I’m going with the Red Moon T-shirt :smiley:


I’ve come to favor Blu-ray discs because they are more durable than DVDs. The coating on them resists scratches far better.

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I’m indecisive because I currently own neither a DVD player nor a Blu-ray player. I would prefer to decline the option and buy a hoodie instead, I think.

I go for Blu-ray firstly for the image quality. The archivist in me always wants the most definitive edition available, with practicality coming in second.


Better image quality on Blu-ray, external drives for desktops are about $30, and it’s much easier now for people to send video from their computer to the tv.

I got the DVD. I watch all physical media on my desktop computer, which doesn’t do Blu-ray. (I have a TV and DVD player, but literally haven’t turned them on since “The Good Place” ended.)

Blu-ray and HD seems to somehow go against the ethos of MST3K, anyway. I prefer the old standard-def, late-night-UHF look for the show.


I know this feeling. I struggled with it with season 11. But ultimately, like @SandyFrank, the archivist in me won out. If someone tried to upscale seasons 1-10 to Blu-ray resolution I’d be skeptical, but seasons 11+ were natively shot at that resolution, and I want all that glorious high-res detail. The hardware for Blu-ray is relatively cheap, and it’s not that difficult to rip the discs and have super high-quality digital episodes.