Bookmark feature?

Does Discourse have a feature or plugin for bookmarks, favorites or something like that? Obviously if you’re looking at this forum on the web, you can just bookmark a post or thread. But I’m using the app, so that’s not really a thing. It would be useful to have a way to collect permalinks to such resources so you can go into your profile and just look/search through them to help organize things you want to keep track of. Is there such a thing? Any thoughts?

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Sorry, I don’t have the app, but on the web interface there’s a Bookmark button on the bottom of each thread. It lets you make a note about the bookmark and optionally set a reminder notification. Since it appears the feature is built in to Discourse, I imagine it’ll be in the app too.

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I just downloaded the iOS app. It’s simply a wrapper for the web view so it also has the Bookmark button. When you click your user icon in the upper right, one of the tabs shows all your bookmarks.


Well, would you look at that. I guess we can close this ticket.

Failing that, I’ll see myself out. :joy:


I was wondering if this was going to be about the greeting-bot message. It says to click “…” and click a bookmark symbol to favorite the greeting message.
I see no “…” nor any bookmark image.

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