Bot Building - Modern GPC

Here is a set of shots of GPCs current components and donor parts.

In spite of her relatively ‘young age’, many of the parts have disappeared and become very difficult to source over the last few years. Not an easy bot to acquire individual bits for, but listing them here for folks who may want to pursue sooner rather than later.

If there’s time to evolve this into a how to, I’ll do so, but for now it’s a list resource only.

GPCs head:


GPC’s body/tail:


GPC’s color:


GPCs prototyping stage involved a number of other parts and combinations, control styles, and even powering her light etc. Freezer mugs, puck lights, a backpack, food containers, different flashlights etc etc etc. If there’s enough interest, I’ll drop those in, but want to keep the above isolated. If you’re looking to replicate her as she is now, the above is your target. This is not her Netflix look just to get that covered too (NF made use of her early structure but a different light, and different body config)

There’ll be a lot to do to sort out what type of interactivity and control you would want to have, from static and maybe light-up display piece at best, to a more rugged piece that can be taken out and performed and played with, admired.

Sorting out those controls, hand puppet mechanisms, and how to modify and re-inforce areas for wear and tear will be up to you.

Check out the official pages of the show and performers for BTS and working images, as well as hit up the Cheesy Circus Tour vlogs from Joel on insight and techniques from him and Crenshaw.

As ever be careful, cautious, these involve a lot of cutting tools, electronics, chemical interactions and too many ways to relax yourself into an accident. If you build one, please put a build diary up here in Artsy Craftsy.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little walk-through, even if Bot Building isn’t your thing.


For those who are curious, her evolution encapsulates four distinct looks to this point, and the only real ‘cross-over’ of parts happened between her Golden Age and NF appearance. Gypsum and the new, sleeker (ie much easier to perform in a live and yes stage/greenscreen setting) GPC-styling are quite different. And yes, there is an in-universe evolution moment for her. :wink:

KTMA Gypsum, Golden Age GPC, Netflix GPC, Modern/Mobile GPC.


It’s time to complete the collection.

As stated above, the bucket for her lower jaw isn’t QUITE right currently in stock at Wal-Mart… I think I can sell it with the bucket I picked up. This is my bot, there are many like it but this one is mine :innocent:.

Keeping that in mind, I miss the curve in GPC’s tube from the old days so Im going to try and reincorporate that into my build.

I got the correct eveready flash light coming from ebay and even found the cloth for her tubing! I hope I got enough!

When I built my Crow kit, Robert Bukoski, in his instructions, really stressed that the bots on the show always had their own idiosyncrasies and to kinda let go and enjoy the process. I’m really going to keep that in the back of my head and if my GPC2 has a wavy bottom jaw… so be it.

I’ll post updates!


As long as you have 3 yards of the fabric, you’ll be fine. You could cut two 4’ lengths and join if needed, but controlling the seam with this type of fabric might be tricky.

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Just a quick tease… Slowly getting there.