Bot Building - Servo

Boo-bowl replacement?

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Definitely has too defined of a rim and it looks a bit shallower of a curve than the boo bowl, but it could work, I’d have to see them side by side.

Wrong size and would need a bit too much work to make it worthwhile if you want ‘off the shelf’.

Josh Smith, who runs The Prop Basement, needs some cash and is looking to sell his Tom Servo puppet. If you are looking to buy a full-size Servo, you might send him a message at Redirecting... to see if it’s still available.

Hey all!! I just got a Servo kit and I was wondering, what kinds of substitutes are there for the Testors Red Metal Flake?

There aren’t any. As Testors is slowly rolling back out, my advice would be to build the bot and get the base color layers down, get to the point where you need the Testors and see what things are like then re: availability.

My father found this. He said it was a pretty close match…

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