Boy, are those people missing out!

Much like the people who decline to become MSTies, sometimes people ignore something great that’s right in front of them and there for the taking if they’d only look.
Maybe it’s a great park no one is going to, or a great restaurant that doesn’t get enough business, or a fine movie that’s showing while everyone goes to the much worse movie on the other screen.

Where do you see people missing out?

My example: I’ve mentioned before that I often go to the Horse Brass, an English-style pub. They always have great specials that could be anything from Greek pastichio to chicken-fried steak, but 90% of people ignore the specials, which are always wonderful, in favor of the regular menu items. Today being St. Patty’s Day the special was corned beef and cabbage, and the chef (who often comes out to ask how I liked the special) told me I had been the first one to order it. It was great, and everyone else there was missing out.


There’s an anime currently running called The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic. Apparently, it’s not getting a lot of viewership due to it taking so long to get to the action-y stuff. And that’s a shame, because it’s an isekai series that avoids the pitfalls that make isekai anime so intolerable. It also offers the interesting proposition of how the stereotype of healers being physically frail is absurd, and that said magic should allow them to be jacked. The only real fault of the series is that the worldbuilding is a touch meh.

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Industrial metal.
It’s not that scary once you start listening to it.

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With my two best friends it’s horror movies. I’m a huge horror fan and some of my favorites are either under-budget slashers or exploitation films. It’s cool to see the creativity that comes from necessity (a conservative budget) and they are just plain fun.

One of my friends is scared too easily to watch horror and my other friend fell into the “elevated horror” crowd and will scoff at almost anything not made by A24. Maybe one day though!


I got to see them at Lollapalooza, Jorgenson (sic.) was chugging Jack Daniels into a giant H.W. Bush mask.

IIRC, that was the same concert the Red Hots came out wearing just a single sock over their junk.

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Heely’s. Are they cool? No. Did I slip a disc in my neck three weeks ago after throwing myself gracelessly onto the pavement in front of a neighbor? Undiagnosed. Are they fun? Fun enough that I’m rolling around with a probable slipped disc.


So hubs is a huge fan of Ministry. They were coming to a little local joint in the town we live in…so I got 2 tickets (SRO) and thought I was an awesome wife! Lo and behold, as they are from Chicago, during their set, they introduced Chris Connelly! Hubs was all excited! I later found out that A) Chris Connelly was the original vocalist of Ministry, but also B) he had never seen them live!!! (wooo! extra bonus points!) :woman_cartwheeling: :tada:

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