brb...going to Kevin's house...

Srsly, I’ve driven by it three times this week, I’ma take a picture.

This is the only known photo of Kevin at the residence.


Wait…Kevin’s a woman?

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If Crow can be a woman, so can Kevin.


You won my interwebs for the day! Thank you! :rofl: :rofl: :skull: :skull: :skull:


I went by Kevin’s house the other day, but there were just a couple dweebs out front having a rake fight, so I left.


Do not do this. Someone did this to another cast member before, even going so far as to knocking on their door and asking for an autograph. By all means go to public events like conventions and RiffTrax live shows and say hi, but going to people’s houses and taking photos of it is very very inappropriate.

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I was under the impression the “Kevin” being referenced was the protagonist in Hobgoblins.

I guess it’s necessary to explain that I have zero intention of going to knock on a cast member’s door, or indeed on anyone’s door.

I was jut realizing that I had driven by the house used in the movie, literally, three times this week. I certainly wasn’t going to bother anyone nor post anything you couldn’t see by typing the address into
Google maps.

You are correct. I wasn’t—Good lord, I wasn’t going to go to Kevin Murphy’s house!


It was ambiguous and it was not in the Hobgoblins live thread, so better safe than sorry, especially as this has happened before.

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There’s no way to know if a person likes or doesn’t like being recognized in real life, so unless it’s an event, I have taken it that people don’t want to be bugged when they’re at the dog run or browsing in a bookstore?

Your mileage may vary.

Unrelated: @JoeC when did you meet Caroll Spiney?!

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Kevin from Hobgoblins ?

I thought they tore that place down years ago. :open_mouth:

Elton John once said that what he liked about living in Atlanta was that no one bothered him there.

I saw David Carridine in a bookstore once. I did not bother him.

Seriously, just don’t bother people.

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