Breakfast Cereals

Breakfast cereals have been a part of the day beginning rituals of millions of people for decades now. Food manufacturers have met the demand for this product with a seemingly endless number of varieties and flavors.

From the 60s –

to the 70s –

to the 80s –

to the 90s –

So what were your favorite cereals as a kid?

Did you head for the Honeycomb Hideout?

Were you coocoo for Cocoa Puffs?

Did you have breakfast with the King?

Maybe you wanted your Maypo?

Or did you insist upon the Breakfast of Champions?

Do you have a favorite cereal today? Is there a particular one that has been discontinued that you really wish would come back?

And let’s not forget the wonderful prizes that used to come in the box. Are there any that you fondly remember? Are there any that you still have?

Grab a bowl, grab the milk and let’s discuss.


My mom wouldn’t let me have cool cereals as a kid. She let me have Kroger brand Frosted Flakes. It sucked.


My favorite cereals are (in no particular order)…

Fruity Pebbles: There’s just something addictive to me about this combination of crisped rice and fruit flavor. I can eat a whole box of this stuff in one sitting.
Buc Wheats (no longer available): This was a product in the 70s but was discontinued in 1983. It was bran flakes (think Wheaties) with a maple sugar glaze. Loved this stuff. It sort of got resurrected a bit with the “Crispy Wheats & Raisins” cereal (at least in the flakes) but then that was canceled. More recently “Raisin Bran Crunch” kind of sort of was in the same ballpark (though the flavor profile was totally different) and then it was cancelled. I’m not aware of an equivalent product on the market today. :frowning:
1970s Version Monster Cereals: Back in the 70s, the Monster cereal (Frankenberry, Count Chocula, Booberry) kibble was made with OATS. This was MUCH better than the lame, weak, airy corn-meal kibble that is used in the Monster Cereals today. For a short time, Cheerios had a blueberry Cheerio cereal it made and if you took all the marshmallows out of a box of the inferior modern BooBerry and put it into the Blueberry Cheerios then it was just like having a box of the old style 1970s BooBerry! To this day I despise the icky corn-meal crap they use in the Monster Cereals. The oat kibble was superior in every way. I won’t even comment on how they did the Fruit Brute dirty…
Waffelos: Waffelos was a great cereal in the 80s. It still sort of exists in the form of Waffle Crunch (or its MaltoMeal equivalent) but it lacks the Captain Crunch style crispy corn kibble that made it a little better.
Grape Nuts: When I want a breakfast cereal with fiber that sticks to your ribs then nothing beats a bowl of these high-density nuggets. Granted this isn’t OFTEN … but when the mood strikes nothing else will do.

Those are some faves, but I generally like breakfast cereals of all sorts.


We were hippie children, so it was always the barely-sweetened stuff like corn flakes or nutty grape bits.

By the time I was old enough to stay over at friends’ houses for sleepovers, my palate was malformed to the point where I couldn’t even stomach the sweetened stuff. At least the pink milk was pretty, though. :smiley:


One Quisp to rule them all!


Not to mention, they have severely skimped on the marshmallows in these. Granted, back in the day they were little cylindrical bits. Seen here in Boo Berry:


I feel like there’s now about 12 marshmallows per bowl these days. And yes, the new airy, corn stuff is far inferior to the OG Monster Cereals!


I mean, you could probably find an OG box of Frankenberry, and it would probably still be good. Well, as good as it ever was.


Quisp and Quake in the '60s.

I preferred Quisp.


Quisp was good - though I usually got the off-brand equivalent known as “Popeye Sweet Crunch” which was essentially Quisp.

Another other great cereal that time has forgotten…

Smurfberry Crunch: These were SO good. Miss this cereal.


And now that I’m older (old, actually), that’s what I prefer.


The Purina logo did not escape my notice. Arf arf.


As much as I enjoyed the Jay Ward cartoon commercials for those cereals as a kid, I never once tried either of them. Too late now, I guess

I’ve never tried any version of Cap’n Crunch either.


This one never seemed to take off:

(Most likely on account of it not being real and in fact a very hasty mockup shamelessly stealing art from this Deviant Artist: Manos II: Torgo's Revenge by AnimatEd on DeviantArt )


It really should be Torg-Os.


You are correct. Or maybe Torg-Ohs!

Too late now. There can never be a new version. Ever.


I was … a weird kid… which resulted in creativity!

But, besides Honey nut Cheerios/or Original Cheerios, never much of a cereal lover? A short stint with frosted mini wheats? Maybe two boxes, then, yeah, I don’t need to eat those any more?

But, plenty of times, I’d be just as happy with a bowl of leftover rice with some butter on it?

Or yellow grits with cheese?

Or leftover Chicago style roast beef from the dinner the night before?

Or, leftover homemade pizza?

Cheerios/HN Cheerios more than any other cereal, but…

Yeah, I know, I’m weird.


Leftover pizza is the best breakfast.


Sometimes I even hanker for a hunk o’ cheese.


Do you make a wagon wheel?


One thing I fondly remember getting thanks to cereal –

My official membership kit for the Banana Splits Club!

For 25 cents you got all this –



And wow! It’s a “lifetime” membership, so it’s still valid!