Breakfast food

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I can’t help but wonder what gets you going in the morning.

I usually start my day with a granola bar and coffee but surely nobody else is as boring as me!

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Not a granola bar, but I do grab a kind bar and a coffee. Most mornings eating makes me feel nauseous, so I force myself to have something on my stomach before I drink coffee.


I find a bib works. Barring that, a shirt will keep the ol’ tum spill-burn free.


Me, I’m a cereal guy. But I don’t go for those super-sugary cereals, they’ve never really been my bag. The closest I get to that would be something like Honey Smacks / Golden Crisp.

Nah, I’m more about Cheerios, Life, Raisin Bran, Rice Krispies, or straight-up shredded wheat. I don’t know, there’s something I love about the simplicity of shredded wheat.

For something more substantial? HOME FRIES. There’s nothin’ like greasy, hard-hittin’ home fries to kickstart the day.

A younger version of myself would wash that all down with coffee, but I gave that up for health reasons. Nowadays, I’d opt for grapefruit juice, even if I have some grapefruit halves along with everything else for breakfast. I’m trying to say that we as a species never deserved the humble grapefruit.


My favorite at-home breakfast of the hour: a single fried egg on a whole-grain English muffin, with generous support from sharp cheddar cheese and hot sauce. Also a strip of Morningstar™ faux pig if I happen to have it on hand.

[ETA- :cry: ]


I prefer the motorsports take on the song (from way back when motorsports people on any social media was… rare)!


6 days of the week it’s probably pretty boring to most people? Scrambled egg whites with caramelized sweet onions.

But… Cheat day?

Biscuits and sausage gravy…

Sweet potato pecan pancakes…

French Toast made w/ homemade cinnamon swirl bread…

Belgian waffles…

Scrambled egg whites with caramelized sweet onions and cheese w/ homemade kifli…


Ya mean SUGAR Smacks?

:eyes: Ooh. $5/week allowance.

Now, me? I like to start my morning with a mouthful of blood.


Typical: Oatmeal with walnuts and chopped dried fruit; Greek yogurt, sometimes mixed with a bit of cottage cheese, and with fresh berries or peaches in season.

Hey I woke up early enough to have breakfast at home instead of carting it to work: Might still be the above, but could also be scrambled eggs and hash brown patties, or fried eggs on toast with or without mashed avocado, and either possibly with some kind of bacon/ham/sausage kind of thing.

Weekend: Often an omelette or fritatta with either toast, biscuit, or small pastry.

also coffeecoffeecoffee


B-b b-


I can’t eat that early, so I’m not a big breakfast person. Food makes me sick.


Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and as such I can eat it anytime. But as for morning food, on weekdays (since I have to get up very early for a long workday, yay) I have a small bowl of cereal - Chex or Cheerios are the go-tos in this gluten free household - with a bathtub-sized cup of coffee, then a yogurt bowl or smoothie a bit later in the morning at work.

Now on the weekends, I have fun. I’m always in charge of breakfast on weekends since my marathon-running housemate is usually out on a long run. My go-tos are omelets, frittatas, hash browns, chilequiles, bagel sandwiches, breakfast tacos, and breakfast gnocchi (and every now and again, fresh biscuits with white pepper gravy).

My specialty, however, is a potato melt. You start with a layer of air fried potatoes, either hash browns or home fries, then top it with some combination of cheese, black beans, diced tomatoes, chopped chilies, sautéed onions, garlicky greens, soyrizo/meatless sausage, eggs (usually scrambled substitute, but every now and then we’ll splurge on a sunny side or poached real egg), guacamole, and for my housemate, homemade pickles and hot sauce. It’s always a hit and I love it.

(And when it comes to waffles, my housemate has no equal with their skill. We have both sweet and savory waffles for breakfast a couple times a month!)

And coffee…always coffee!


I love that so many of you have Normal Breakfast and Fun Breakfast. As always, among MSTies I am among my people.

Most days it’s a medium-boiled egg and a cup of either coffee or Pu-erh tea. I make kombucha and sometimes include that too, but I’ve had to put the brew works on pause while I’m getting over tendinitis in both elbows. Middle age is so stupid.

Once a week, though, I toss one of my homemade biscuits in the oven and turn it into a bacon, duck egg, and cheese sammich. It’s usually Friday and sometimes I accidentally spill a little Bumbu Crême into my coffee, whoops! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It gets even better in the UK.

There, it’s sold as Honey Monster Puffs, and its mascot is some kinda Gritty ancestor that clawed its way out of the primordial ooze.

Hey, can’t leave that $5 just sittin’ out.


This is wholeheartedly goofy and I am ALL HERE FOR IT.


Coffee and a cigarette. Anything else causes me severe stomach upheaval, which is, to put it mildly, unpleasant.


Coffee, with some coffee.

Sometimes that prince of foods, the muffin.

But there’s nothing, I say nothing, that holds a candle to a McD’s bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit, the most perfect foodstuff. All of the delicious fat necessary to skip right past lunch and fight monsters all day long. Fits in yr pocket. Expensive and really bad for you, certainly not for daily consumption, but sometimes you need to chat with a deity before 10am, and it’s the god IT’S THE GOD.

edit: O you can bet I’ll be getting me some Snoop Loops, though.


Man, back in my young wild days I’d walk into the office carrying one of these and it might as well have been a big sign that said HUNG OVER. :joy:


Either a bowl of Special K or a plain bagel with plain cream cheese.

I’m boring.