Well you’re definitely not going to jump that gap, so unless you want to swim across and then climb up, I’m guessing it’s pretty effective!


I wouldn’t, and you wouldn’t…but I don’t know what those kids are up to these days with their bungee cords and feeble little minds!

Looks neat anyway.

OK, this isn’t really a bridge, but a jetty made up of rocks in Rockaway Beach, OR. Way at the end there’s some kind of Coast Guard or NOAA device…it’s actually kind of foolhardy to walk all the way out there…not exactly a trail or anything, but people do go out and smoke the grass or fish or drink beer and stuff, IIRC from signs of previous people.

I forgot how long it is, but it’s pretty far, or feels that way jumping from wet rock to wet rock, and I don’t intend to scamper out there again next visit.

Meh…kind of cool.

Not a bridge.

But it’s kind of bridge-like, in a not really kind of way.


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You’re supposed to mind it. They’ve been saying it for years now.


I jumped off this railroad bridge into the river more than once as a really dumb kid. Not recommended for the non-dumb.


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