Broadcast - DVD - Gizmoplex episode edit differences?

You mugs is the lot what would know- it never really occurred to me to wonder if there are differences in the broadcast and tape/disc experiments? What about vhx/gizmoplex, or the streaming…? Ie Pluto, Twitch, Shout TV etc? Is anything restored? This is maybe a pretty fine slicing, but…? tia…

I feel like I read someplace here that some of the 1-hour Mystery Science Theater Hour episodes were edited ever so slightly differently than the “regular” episodes. I think probably to accommodate slightly different commercial break schedules?

And then there’s the DVD of the Giant Gila Monster with the bonus host segment from when it was released to replace the no longer available Godzilla vs Megalodon episode.


They were edited and had different bumpers, of course, with Mike doing his Jack Perkins bit.

I’ve read that in a few cases there was a small movie scene and riff that wasn’t in the regular episode, as if they had slightly re-edited to fit the new time, not just cut things out.