Broken notifications and avatar badges?

I’m still experiencing broken notifications and the missing avatar badge. Clicking my avatar in the header now renders a perpetual spinning wheel, and the Notifications page is also empty.

It started yesterday morning. A quick look at the console indicates a JavaScript error, and it appears to originate from, which suggests a bad update pushed out from the Discourse mothership?


@Lesley, @ivan are you aware of these broken behaviors? Is anyone else experiencing this? If I’ve missed an official post about these issues, my apologies and I’ll gladly delete this post.


O’er here, the flair is still just a green circle. But the notifications have been working. Clicking on the avatar brings up the usual menu and I’ve been getting the new notification count (logged in this morning with it mentioning three since last login).


Just got pinged for your love on ^^^.


Thanks for that, I’m puzzled now. I get the little blue notification badges up top, but clicking the menu doesn’t work, and so far I’m seeing this on two different desktop systems. It’s a mystery. :thinking:


Spun up some VMs. I can replicate what you’re describing when Chrome is the browser, regardless of operating system.


Yep, Chrome is the browser here in both cases. I’ll check it out in some other browsers. Good to know you were able to replicate it, that confirms it isn’t just me. Everything was working fine until about 48 hours ago. I don’t know fully how Discourse works, but my guess is it’s like WordPress – hosted by the customer, but regularly fed updates from Discourse HQ.

Given that Chrome is broken, I’m thinking it may not be a “mothership” issue – every Discourse site would be raising a ruckus. So maybe it’s something that happened to this installation after all. The missing “K” in the avatar badge kinda supports this notion.

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