Bromance on Film S4E9 premiere

Featuring I Eat Your Skin. If you see this post in the next 5 minutes (as of posting), you can see the live-chat premiere on the Youtube from the beginning.

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Bromance on Film has been going for a few years. It used to be once a month but the frequency is wider these days. You can even watch the premiere of new episodes on the YouTube where you can chat with the fella who makes 'em, and anyone else who’s in there. It used to be about 2 fellas who’s main squeezes were best friends so they had to get along even though they didn’t really like each other. The story evolved to be just one dude, either by himself or someone else he’d just met. Most recently, he’s been watching movies in his apartment with a nosey neighbor who keeps coming into his apartment unannounced.

I had to go look up this movie, which I’d never heard of previously. Am I the only one amused at the fact that its distributor was a guy named Jerry Gross? He ran it as the second part of a double bill with something called I Drink Your Blood.

I don’t mean to nitpick, but wouldn’t it have made more anatomical sense to reverse the order here? :thinking:


In the chat, Phil (the dude what makes B.O.F.) pointed out that I Eat Your Skin and The Horror of Party Beach had the same director.

If you eat the skin first, the blood falls out.


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