Buffalo MSTies be safe… 💙

Very distressed to be sharing with this forum the news of a tragic and evil mass shooting event at a grocery store in Buffalo, NY. Thirteen people shot, ten of them killed, by someone from a different part of the state, who came and enacted unspeakable violence on a community that is largely unused to such acts of hatred. I hope if any other MSTies on here are from the city that you and your loved ones are safe tonight. :broken_heart::blue_heart:


I’m from there but don’t live there… I have a lot of family up there though and I’m sure my parents will be in touch with them soon if not already :disappointed:


F*ck, I don’t even know what to say. Please check in Buffalo MSTies, here for you whatever you need.


I have relatives in the greater Buffalo area. They all seem to be okay.


That’s funny, what you said next was better than anything I could think of. I guess it is important to say something, at least, so Buffalo, we’re all thinking about y’all. Be safe, and take some of our courage with you tonight.


SO glad your family is okay friend. :heart:


I was looking for a thread to post about this. Thank you all for your kind words. I, of course, am unable to speak for other Buffalo MSTies, but I’m sure they highly appreciate this as well.

This is the reason I haven’t been very active today. I live around 15-20 minutes from where this happened and used to work near the location. I’m feeling a lot of grief, anger and sadness for the people and families affected.

I’m hoping that Western New York, as we have many times before, will find common ground and unity in the face of this attempt to sow division.

I’m still reeling from this, so I really can’t put anything else into words right now (that, and I don’t want to break any rules). Thank you all once again. This place is awesome…I keep saying it, but it’s absolutely 100% true.


PMs are always open if you want to talk about anything, okay? Sending you and the rest of the Buffalo community all the love in the world.


@Goldash I live outside the city and don’t know anyone from that area, so I can only share my general grief for the residents there. But I am so distressed for your neighborhood and what you’re going through. The community at large will definitely step up for you folks, and of course this little online community will be here for you too. I’m so glad to hear you’re physically safe, I hope our little messages here will also help your peace of mind :blue_heart:


I stand with Buffalo’s Black community. In my past broadcast jobs I’ve met a few of the people who spoke publicly yesterday, talked to many of the activists that this event directly affected. I absolutely empathize.

There’s so much this city’s Black community has offered the world artistically, culturally, historically. It is absolutely tragic that someone who did not know this community, who did not care for its people, attempted to divide us.

Our city may be separated in many ways. But I’m hoping that we will come together and stand united against hatred, violence and terrorism.


If you’re interested in donating (and I hope you are) - please consider giving here:

This grocery store is in a food desert, so people in this neighborhood could use some support in the form of donations and grocery items right now.

Will drop more here options as I find them on social media.


Damn. A friend sent me a text link about this. I don’t live in Buffalo anymore, but I know where the store is: food desert sounds about right. One of the more racially segregated cities in the U.S., last I checked, but by and large people of all stripes generally seemed to get along, as neighbors, sharing public transportation, just walking around. Generally.

Not much I can say, but this is heartwarming to see so many MSTies offering help and condolences.


My cousin works for the security firm that handles the Tops chain; he apparently had a very long, rough weekend.


Here are some places to donate, of you can, please help.


My friend’s store in a predominantly Black neighborhood received threats the other day as well. These copycat cases should be taken just as seriously. It’s so anger-inducing.

A few other organizations in the area to donate to:

The African Heritage Food Co-Op is based out of Niagara Falls but works in and serves areas like the East Side.


Journey’s End is a refugee resettlement service that operates out of the building I used to work in near the street where this happened. A lot of refugees from African and Asian nations resettle in locations like Buffalo’s East Side.

The Buffalo Community Fridges may no longer be taking monetary donations - but encouraged their monetary donations be rerouted to Rooted In Love, which serves a similar purpose in the community (providing food in food-insecure communities):


Yeah, I’m behind on the news, but there were 2-3-4 other shootings over this weekend too, I’m just not sure if they were specifically racially motivated like Buffalo. What I don’t understand at all** is why we aren’t listing every single white supremacist group as domestic terrorists and treating them as such.

** I do have a lot of things to say about the why on this, but I don’t think this is the place to go into all that.


100% agree. You’re right that this is not the place to go into detail on it, but I’ve heard many people in the community here echo your sentiment


The one in Orange County allegedly stems from tensions between Chinese and Taiwanese communities.

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I’m just so effing pissed that I have nothing constructive to add to any conversation about it on a puppet show forum.


Oh, I have a lot of constructive things to add, they’re just generally considered “extremist.” Because somehow violent white supremacy isn’t extremist, but a [REDACTED] response to it is. :roll_eyes: Very very deeply fed up with the US’s inherent and all-consuming white supremacy, and I would really like more white people to start being pointedly and vehemently anti-racist instead of just keeping their heads down and saying nothing to avoid rocking the boat. TBH, if you’re NOT causing a fight in your family because you called out your racist uncle on Thanksgiving, then you’re doing it wrong.