I absolutely want Patton to stay on as Max (TvsSoTvsF) but for season 13 I want them to bring back the bumpers and have them read by Penn Jillette for that ‘93 Comedy Central flavor


gasp Y E S.

I really did gasp, too. This is a great idea.


That’s brilliant. I’d still be 100% happy of Max were to read the bumpers, but having Penn read them would be really fun.

Honestly, I’d be happy if they bring back bumpers, period. They were silly, but fun, and reminiscent of the commercial breaks of “old.”


The bumpers were among my favorite additions to the MST3K formula for Season 11.

I loved how they would expand on the mythology/world-building of the show and provide a kind of fun meta commentary on the featured movie. Plus, the hexagonal design motifs were fun (especially when they would give you a collage featuring multiple characters from the featured movie).

All this on top of the Skeleton Crew’s renditions of past MST3K tunes? Loved it. More of that for the Gizmoplex era, please!


Max’s bumpers sure, but Penn, absolutely not (the sound of his voice bugs me man, it really bugs me!)


It’s Teller’s voice that gets to me. All that creepy infrasound.

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Yeah and what a motor mouth that guy is!

I loved that too. In that way they kinda reminded me of video game loading screens. Ya know, a black star field with the SoL floating in the middle ground and next to the loading wheel a little caption that says blurbs like “Kingachrome technology could be used to implant altered memories in test subjects. This concept is still in the R&D stage.” Or “Eating snacks will help you weather any experiment — but beware! Svenhard’s raisin snails will actually lower your riffing stamina.”

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This NEEDS to be incorporated into Season 13!

Solid comparison, yeah!

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So I am clearly a prescient farsighted psychic visionary!
It was so Exciting to hear Penn Jillette voicing the promo!

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