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I don’t even know where the closest Costco is!


AHA! I’ve been trying to reconcile your handle and your clearly rodential avatar for a while now. But it’s usually a Watchalong when I notice it, and it’s hard to remember to ask things with those voices that keep yakking over the movie, you know?

What kind of (I’m assuming) parrot?


Your profile says you’re in central Wisconsin, so best I can can tell you is there’s one in Eau Claire. I was there with my in-laws last week. We got two giant pizzas dirt cheap that were certainly food. Anyway, uh, looks like there’s one in Sun Prairie too. Actually several in the greater Madison area and greater Milwaukee area (but that’s certainly not central).

Here in Brighton, NY the nearest one is in… let me see… ah, Brighton, NY. But on the other side of town. Almost 4 whole miles away. Gotta get some of those

before my wife and daughter get home on Friday.


I have one walking distance from the house, but we’re two people and no cat, so …


Mom got me a card under get account. I can count on two hands how many times I’ve been there in 3 years. Sam’s is closer! :woman_shrugging:

I used to order my full size pose-n-stay skellies there… you paid a nominal fee for no membership. Now that I have the membership, they don’t sell them anymore. :confused:


Woolite for Dark colors.

If it’s still itchy, check the machine for an allergy rinse.

That’s helped with my jumpsuit? Wearing underwear also helped a bit?


I don’t?

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Anam is a Senegal parrot. He’s my sole bird at the moment and has been my buddy for 20 years now. He’s a wonderful friend and genuinely excellent gentleman.

I have the possum pic as my avatar here because I’d just moved to a new machine when I signed up and didn’t have any of the pics of my birds that I usually use ready at hand, so I grabbed that one because his expression amused me. He always looks to me like he’s just told the most awesome possum-dad joke and is super proud of it.


Please scritch Anam (if he permits such liberties) from me, and tell him he’s a pretty bird.


I certainly will! :blush: