But what about positive influences?

A doll, a doll, William wants a doll…

We have that album on both vinyl and CD, along with the companion book. The wife was a big fan of it when I met her in college, and when we later tracked down the VHS from the library it turned out to be that little-remembered thing from when I was in kindergarten.

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Mr. Wizard’s World was invaluable in making me more fascinated and curious about the hows and whys of science.

The Muppet Show did a great deal to cultivate my more creative side, with the Great Gonzo in particular doing a lot to inspire that whole “walk to the beat of your own drum” outlook.

When I was home sick from school, I watched Yan Can Cook from time to time, which made cooking look fun AND drove home the message that you could do this stuff. Not to mention that Martin Yan infused this great sense of humor into what he did, and that was very important.

If we’re talking shows that formed and shaped my sense of humor? I’d be talking Mister Ed, The Dick Van Dyke Show, What’s Happening!!, It’s Garry Shandling’s Show, The State on MTV, The Addams Family AND The Munsters… that’s just off the top of my head. (I watched a lot of TV. Heh, could you tell?)



This show made me a reading force of nature, virtually unstoppable in my grade school Book-It contest AND an invaluable factor to my class’s victory in getting the pizza party in the school-wide reading competition.


K was positive. No matter how many times his crush told him she got a man, he never gave up.

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