Cambot Ideas?

So I recently started working from space:

I would love to have a Cambot in the emptiness between my two windows, ya know, to get that real “existentially tormented and examined by Gizmocrats” vibe going. His design has been so ephemeral over the years, though, that I don’t really know what to start. Anyone built one before or have any suggestions?



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Got access to a 3D printer? Someone has a .STL file set that provides parts for a decent enough looking Cambot and optional desk stand.

Holds a Creative Commons CC - BY 4 license, too, which is cool.

They designed it to have working guts but, without all those innards, it’d be lightweight enough to easily hang from the ceiling. Even adding a battery pack and LED strip lighting wouldn’t add much.

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I’ve never dabbled in 3D printing but I do know where one is. I might gove it a shot, I like the look of this! Thanks!!

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It depends on which version you want to build, esp if you want an accurate Cambot. For all of them, the parts are difficult to find and $$.