Can I link my Kickstarter to my mst3k account?

I’ve noticed some people on here have a little Kickstarter logo on top of their avatar. Is there some way to link my Kickstarter account to my msd3k account?

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Here’s some helpful info:


Bear in mind that the KS flair is attributed with the most recent campaign. If you hadn’t pledged, or pledged just for the prior campaign, the flair’s unavailable.

Make sure your emails are exactly the same, it’s case sensitive. In my problem I made sure backer kit, Kickstarter and the one I used here were all the same. Someone also said that once that’s done it can take a bit of time for the system to recognize it.

If the system is enforcing case sensitive email addresses, the system has a big flaw.

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Well that what I did and it worked
Maybe it was a coincidence?! “I don’t know how any of this works!”

Thanks everyone! Up until right now I had thought Backerkit was just part of Kickstarter. All these years it let me fill out surveys without setting up an account. So I just went in and set that up and I think it linked correctly… let me know if I have a “K” on my avatar. :sunglasses::v::heart:

Not yet. You will have to turn it on manually in your user profile once you are added to the backers group.

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