Can’t Watch Santo?

I’m logged into the Gizmoplex and watched the livestreams of Santo, Robot Wars, the short, etc. However, when I click Santo in the Gizmoplex now, I’m prompted to buy it, and also there’s a message saying not to buy it. I’m instructed to log in and make sure my Gizmoplex pass is redeemed. But I am logged in, and to the best of my knowledge my pass IS redeemed. Anybody else seeing this?


You are using the VHX site, yes? Not the Virtual theater?

I do see the same error when clicking on the image on the homepage:

And yes I get this error:

However, if you click on the “Library” link and then your event pass, the episodes (both version 2 and the original live stream) do work.

EDIT: Checked the virtual theater just to be sure, and both episodes work there just fine.


I had the same problem the other day. I just watched it from the Library instead.


You have to watch it through the Library right now.


That worked, thanks!

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