Can You help me make a video game?

So, I love the idea of remaking things into modern images.

One of my dreams is to remake the original TMNT games into CGI games. Sort of like Turtles in Time, Reshelled, but with a little more care into music and gameplay than they did.

But I know nothing of programing. I can easily make all of the elements needed. like characters and backgrounds. and even animate them. but actually make them PLAYABLE is beyond my skill level.

I would love to get one level done and playable and see where to go from there :).
any takers?


A gentle recommendation to maybe steer clear of established IPs. Avoid the hurt that comes from a cease-n-desist on a thing you poured your heart into.


turtles BEFORE the buyout with nick would have been a easy situation, as I knew the creators and was friendly with the mirage crew. not so much with the new nick masters :slight_smile:

in this case, I wouldn’t make it available for sale. but I WOULD put the demo up on youtube in the hopes a company with a budget might remake it right :).


plenty of videos on youtube for various how to build a certain genre of game thru unity or other game engines. tried a simple racing one a while ago and they are daunting at first, but you do end up with something playable at the end of it all.


I have a bunch of game ideas, but I am also not a coder, so they will likely forever remain conceptual.

Oh well, a video pinball game where the ball is a little man, the bumpers have spikes on them and the area below the flippers is a pit of fire will be a game I will always want to play.


what’s a good one for 3D games?

I’m light on technical skill, but if it’s easy enough to figure out, I can pick it up fast.


Unity and Unreal are industry-standards, and they’re both free for non-commercial projects. They also have tons of official and user-generated tutorials and asset stores.

If you do better learning hands-on, a great way to get a feel for game design is by joining a game jam. These are short-term (usually weekend to one-month) projects that are free to join and open to anyone who wants to learn. You can go solo or join up with others and get guidance from them.

The best list of game jams I know of is at:


personally, id recommend unity or unreal game engine. youtube guide videos are probably a good place to start, even to scan thru whats involved and see which is easier to follow


The problem with Unity is that you have to learn C#.


Have you seen this?

Not exactly what you are talking about here, but it’s still neat anyways.


I’ve dabbled with it, and Unity REALLY holds your hand. The GUI generates much of the C#, so it’s doable, but yeah, like you said a much easier experience to troubleshoot if you always know C#


I’d just say C# isn’t particularly a big deal. It’s basically Java meets Delphi. You have all the baggage that comes with a statically typed language, of course.

For a while there was a thing called Arcadia, which was a Clojure based on Unity, but that may have died with UnityScript.

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I heard about a thing called:

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New-fangled gewgawery! This is the classic:

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