Can You Play The MST3K/Star Trek Game?

Paul is from “Tomorrow is Yesterday.”

The theme of the Trek episode probably went over everyone’s heads! :laughing:

Welcome back laud! Paul as in what MST episode?

Yeah, is it Paul the lame werewolf from Werewolf, or Paul the lame werelizard from Track of the Moon Beast?

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Also Cry Wilderness Paul, and Crawling Hand Paul, and Projected Man Paul

So, so many Paul’s (and Steve’s, we had a lot of MST Steves too). I could just look them up (the actor’s filmographies), but I’m feeling lazy right now. :wink:


France Nuyen, Elaan of Troyius and Code Name: Diamond Head



Good call, Jake! :+1:

I think there are still some more matches to be found! :slightly_smiling_face:

Very many of them… Strangely, I mostly keep posting about the ladies, but there are plenty of men to choose from (take Fred Williamson of Warriors of the Lost World fame, he has a role in the Cloud Minders, which was one his 3 earliest roles after he retired from football)

Another, I don’t recall her in Marooned (but I also haven’t seen the MST episode very often, also she could have been cut from the MST version) but Mary Linda Rapelye has an uncredited role playing Gregory Peck’s daughter in that picture.

She was one of the space hippies in The Way to Eden.


Speaking of Space Travelers, Mariette Hartley (who portrayed Betty Lloyd) was Zarabeth in “All Our Yesterdays”.