Canceled show at Proctors, Schenectady NY

Yep, we got a rather nasty sleet/freezing rain/ice/snow storm, and traveling to and from the show could’ve been slippery.
Is there any room in the tour schedule to come back up to the NY capital district? Or should we drive 3.5 hours to NJ for Sunday’s show?


Welcome to posting! I am so sorry your show got cancelled! I sure hope they can reschedule or something. Whatever you do, please don’t drive to New Jersey. That’s a general wish, not particular to the situation… because Jersey.


Oh that sucks! Unfortunately it looks like they’re running out of tour dates so I don’t think they’re reschedule the date as the venue said that the show was cancelled and not postponed. So if you didn’t want to miss it, I’d make plans to get to NYC tomorrow or Red Bank Sunday. Maybe make a day of it and visit the Jay and Silent Bob Secret Stash or something. I’d invite you to see us perform in ComedySportz Jersey Shore in Asbury Park, but we’re on hiatus right now on account of gestures towards everything

But only travel if you can do so safely! I don’t know the weather up your way.


I can tell you with a pretty high degree of confidence that the show will not be rescheduled, mostly because the cast needs to be on set almost immediately after the last show.

Stupid weather!


I had tickets for the show, too. It’s also the second tour date that was cancelled after I got tickets. The first one being Sugarloaf NY. It was listed as Middletown.


wai— wha— no Satellite of Love on Ice? Can you return long underwear?


that sucks. my family lives in the area, the weather has been awful there lately. hope things get warmer and less snowy/icy soon