Canister level based on watched status

A neat addition could possibly be that the level of KingaChrome in each canister drops depending on how far the episode has been viewed, acting as a visible progress bar i.e. Full canisters are unwatched, empty canisters are fully watched and half full canisters have been watched halfway.

What do you think Sirs???


And make it so there’s still a tiny bit left until you watch through every bit of it. Including the list of all of the kickstarter backers. And don’t even try to skip past anything. It won’t tell you which frames of the video you missed and you’ll have to watch it from the start again just to be sure. It’s a fun game for completists. :innocent:


We are dedicated like that.


I actually would find that sort of pickiness rather amusing… :slight_smile: But anyway yeah, the general idea sounds fun :slight_smile:


Go full clockwork orange and only count the times you are actually watching the screen and not dozing off.


Wouldn’t that mean you could only watch the episode once and then have an empty canister in your collection? I wouldn’t want to have to refill my kingachrome canisters any time I want to rewatch an episode.



It wouldn’t NOT play because the canister was empty, it would just indicate it’s been watched.

Insert coin to refill canister.

You’d need a refill button instead of replay or rewatch


It could be extra fun and be a “Call Ardy” button. Or, click a little Ardy picture and he comes running over. Of course, those would have to be easter eggs in addition to a more intuitive thing people could do like not having to refill the canisters at all unless they activate the “full gamification” mode. Maybe there would be a vast warehouse of your old, empty canisters. You can fill it by continuing to rewatch episodes. Instead of refilling the canisters, they would fall into the warehouse and a new, filled canister slides down into the space waiting for you to watch it.

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I wouldn’t mind a short animated refill before rewatching? As long as those things could be tweaked/turned on/off in the “My settings” section?