Cannister suggestion

Any chance the short cannisters could be made to look as if they were actually shorter? I’m sure there will be a dozen ways to find and identify them, but this could be a cute little visual clue.


Unfortunately, KingaChrome technology is based on a fixed volume. No matter what is recorded within it.


Heh, but is that canon?

I mean yeah, you said it and I believe you, but I believe a lot of things.

During the first year of live tours (2017’s Watch Out for Snakes!) I got to see the Secret Show (Argoman the Fantastic Superman), and at the end of that show at any rate the video screen connected to Moon 14 showed Kinga and Max receiving a KingaChrome cannister from a bonehead at the end of the show . . . and it was a little tiny cannister, about a third the size of the S11 and S12 experiment cannisters. I can’t remember if they made some comment about it or not. And of course – those were full length movies, so that doesn’t support @MSTJon 's original question about a shorter movie needing less KingaChrome fluid. But there’s still something going on there . . . .