Cannot link to my VHX account

Hi all. I was previously able to link my VHX account in the virtual theater, but now I am getting a page that says the account is not linked. And when I try to link, I get a prompt to change my VHX password and then get caught on a merry go round of incorrect passwords to VHX and the Kingadome. I still cannot link my content to the Virtual theater. Any ideas to help? Thanks in advance.


I had this happen a few days ago. I waited until the next morning at everything was fine. (I use a desktop computer running Chrome). I think there’s some sort of disconnect at times between VXH and the Virtual Theater. @ivan could there be some sort of update that pulls the theater out of synch with VHX for a time? That would explain why things sort themselves out after a few hours.


Thanks for the response – but I am still getting a message that there is no link to my VHX account. after a day.

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Does the button appear in settings allowing you to connect to it again?


Yes, but I get a link to change my password in VHX, not to link the account. I am not sure what is wrong, this did not happen initially and the content was linked to VHX.

If it’s still having trouble, can you email with some screenshots of what you’re seeing?


Will do so now, thanks!

Hey @Montey, did you get squared away? We’re sweeping through to see what issues need to be dealt with.

Thanks much!

Hi, sort of squared away. I just realized that the Gizmoplex prefers that I use Safari, not Chrome. On Safari all is well. On Chrome I cannot link the two accounts and I keep getting a prompt to change my password. That works for me, I’lll just use Safari, but it seems to indicate that the Gizmoplex and Chrome do not play well together. Thanks!

Which is odd as the Virtual Theater is designed to work with Chrome. Out of curiosity, is your version of Chrome up to date?

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