Can't Download Episodes as of May 4 2023

Episode 108, “The Brain That Wouldn’t Die” in The #MadeMoreMST3K DELUXE Collection. When I try to download to my computer it goes to a (mostly) blank page that says, “NoSuchKeyThe specified key does not exist.No such object: vimeo-prod-skyfire-std-us/01/3483/21/542419194/2572355623.mp4”



Thanks for bringing this to the team’s attention, Coswald! I’m getting the same result here as well.

Turning on the @Ivan signal now.


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More info for @ivan trying to download from the VHX site produces the above errors screen. Trying to download from the Gizmpplex theater, and the screen just sits on a perpetual spin as it “Checks for Download Availability” :


I’m currently having this issue with most of the episodes in Season 6. Can’t tell if it’s episode/season specific or a general VHX site issue.


Can confirm.

@Ivan, this seems to be a general download issue for all seasons at both the VHX and theater sites. checking random episodes at both sites either produces the error screen at VHX or the “Checking for Dawloand Availability” at the theater.


I’m having the same issue when I try to download it.


Here is a list of episodes where I’ve seen this problem (your mileage may vary, as I think some had this problem in one product grouping but not in another; I didn’t investigate very far apart from “yep, can’t download that one, moving on”).

(Note my numbers are season-episode numbers, not experiment numbers; so 108 for me means “season 1 episode 8” but the original poster’s 108 means “108th experiment.”)

Episode # Title
102 Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy
109 Project Moonbase
112 Untamed Youth
206 Ring of Terror
303 Pod People
307 Daddy-O
308 Gamera vs. Gaos
313 Earth vs. the Spider
314 Mighty Jack
319 War of the Colossal Beast
320 Unearthly
322 Master Ninja I
324 Master Ninja II
402 Giant Gila Monster
404 Teenagers from Outer Space
412 Hercules and the Captive Women
415 Beatniks
421 Monster A-Go-Go
422 Day the Earth Froze
503 Swamp Diamonds
506 Eegah!
513 Brain That Wouldn’t Die
514 Teen-Age Strangler
518 Atomic Brain
519 Outlaw (of Gor)
520 Radar Secret Service
604 Zombie Nightmare
607 Bloodlust
608 Code Name: Diamond Head
609 Sky Divers
611 Last of the Wild Horses
612 Starfighters
616 Racket Girls
620 Danger! Death Ray
621 Beast of Yucca Flats
705 Escape 2000
806 Undead
813 Jack Frost
817 Horror of Party Beach
821 Time Chasers
902 Phantom Planet
907 Hobgoblins
909 Gorgo

It looks like something broke on Vimeo’s end. We’ve let them know, so hopefully we’ll have an answer soon about when it’ll be fixed.

In the meantime, sorry for the inconvenience!


As of 05/15/2023

Unable to download the following Season 13 Episodes and Shorts @

Summary of response same as others received:
This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. ETC.
Code - NoSuchKey
Message - The specified key does not exist.

EPISODES and SHORTS and Resolutions:

S13-Ep07 - Gamera vs Jiger - 720p

S13-Ep12 - The Mask (3D) - 720p

S13-Ep13 - The Bubble - 720p

S13-Ep01 - Santo in the Treasure of Dracula - 1080p

Experiment 13.07 - Short: Balance Beam for Girls - 1080p

Also getting the perpetual spin/checks download issue in the Gizmoplex Theater
as well.

I hope a fix can be found.



I have purchased King Dinosaur from the Gizmoplex. However, whenever I try to download it, I get this XML Error:

The specified key does not exist.

No such object: vimeo-prod-skyfire-std-us/01/4606/12/323031361/1256865052.mp4

EDIT: (You’ll have to look into EDIT mode of my post to see the XML code)

That being said, I can download the episode in 360p without a problem.

Please fix ASAP. Thanks in advance!

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This is a known issue on Vimeo’s side of things—please see Ivan’s response and more info in this thread:


Thank you so much! I’ll be patient!

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Hi friends, I’m a backer who is trying to catch up now that the season is over. I’m trying to download the 1080p versions of eps and am only at the first one so far, but in case Santo isn’t the only broken link, I thought I’d say something.

When I click to download the 1080p version, I get this screen:

I’m on a gaming laptop, running Windows 10, and the 720p and 1440p versions seem to be downloading OK so far.

Thank you!


In case he doesn’t see it directly, paging @ivan.

There’s an ongoing problem on Vimeo’s end with downloading episodes; it’s across the board (I can’t get most of S6 to do anything but sit there and whirr).

Ivan’s been getting on Vimeo’s case about it, but he can add this to the list.


To that effect, if you’d like for this issue to gain more visibility to the tech team and thus come across as a greater priority issue in need of fixing, please remember to vote by clicking on that blue Vote option next to the thread title at the very top of this thread!

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Oh bless, thank you all so far! :smiley: I hate that he’s gotta yell at them, but like…if you’re paying for a service and it’s producing farts, well… I’ll pass an extra megaphone Ivan’s way.

(I’ve got beef with Vimeo anyway over how they treat Patreon folks, so GO GET EM.)


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As an update: we’re continuing to push Vimeo OTT for resolution on this daily.

So far, they’ve said they’re aware of the issue and have escalated it internally, but can’t give us any news on when it will be resolved.

We’ll keep you all posted, but in the meantime… thanks for your patience. :confused: