Can't Sleep! What's keeping you awake?

Riding out some severe weather and just hoping that it blows through here soon.

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Since I came down with some kind of flu bug and prescribed some medication to get rid of it, my sleep schedule is all out of wack… Slept off and on yesterday and now I’m wide awake at 12:30am EST :yawning_face:

I finally got some sleep last night. It’s been a long time coming

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I tampered in God’s domain. Now it’s keeping me up nights.


Did some checking and the Prednisone 20mg tablets that I have to take 2 per day are what’s affecting my sleep…
Has a whole bunch of side effects but in the ‘What Other Side Effects of This Drug’ includes Trouble Sleeping, Restlessness… Not to mention temporary changes in eyesight like blurry vision :face_with_spiral_eyes:
Got 1 more day of this to take then I hopefully can get back to a decent night sleep :yawning_face:


Waiting for that guy I like to text me. He lives in China, so I’m asleep when he’s awake and vice versa… but I stay awake ridiculous hours just for a simple smile emoji.

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So sorry - you okay now?

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Yep, it was just a couple of days. Thanks.

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Stuff. Stuff with numbers and amounts.

How to alphabetize physical media. And if one should even try.

Cobwebs, and about maybe should fix them up good.

The shrieking horror.

Sounds of peacocks.

Random gunfire.

Exploding heads and gunfire.

Gallagher’s watermelons.

This girl giving me static.

Twilight Zone.

Glove cleaning.

Is this more of ‘As the World of Jimmy 2X Turns’?:flushed:

I wish it were.

Yes, like a clown, I amuse you people?

And yet, these are things that cause me to stir at night.

When I’m not “blessed” with the company of this “person” whose company is relatively “charming.”

At least until I wake up and she starts complaining about my so-called “snoring” &c.

I say, “zank 'eavanz for leetle Benadryl, and a melatonin eveery day.”

Hey, it (barely) is acceptable.

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Friggin amber alert went off on my cell phone at 3:11am… It was for a father taking his infant son in Hilton Head SC 3.5 hours south of here :angry:

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Fear of going to sleep and losing my virility.

No, I’m serious. I have to keep to a strict schedule during the work week, and during the weekend, I have some problems with disciplne and scheduling.

I blame everyone, but most of all, myself.

Waiting on a late night client to come by to sign a copy of their North Carolina taxes… Should be here around 11:15 EST.
The NCDOR ‘claims’ that they can’t read the copy I sent them Certified Mail so they require another copy to release their NC refund.
This is the newest excuse I’ve heard from either the IRS or state department of revenue for why they won’t send out a refund :roll_eyes:

And she’s running behind… Might get to sleep by midnight :sleeping:

Back in January, I had a cuppa coffee at around noon, and many hours later, I began to have a panic attack. And by the time I went to bed, my panic attack was so bad that I couldn’t sleep at all that night. It was during that time I was about to have something I shouldn’t mention. The ladies might know what I mean.

Ha, on the same page, but I went Alice

The lurking horror, of course!

Who wants to know?

Well hell… I woke up at 12:30am and can’t go back to sleep. I don’t have a lot on my mind but start thinking about upcoming small projects to do on my truck or multiple Amazon product reviews… I really overthink stuff sometimes.
Gotta work a full day at the post office soon and I know I’ll be dragging throughout the day :yawning_face:

The fact that it’s 2320 (11:30 pm) and I’m usually asleep by eight or nine at the very latest.

I know I’m going to wake up just a bit after my regular 0300 time, so it’s kind of an unpleasant prediction for the morning.