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Going to just steal the explanation of what Caption This! was from Bully’s blog (Bully Says: Comics Oughta Be Fun!) - apologies in advance for the broken links.

Sci-Fi Channel Caption This! game

While MST3K was running on the Sci-Fi Channel during its last three seasons, hosted a webpage game entitled “Caption This!” in which live still images from the Sci-Fi Channel’s feed would flash online (refreshed every ten seconds) and the online community was invited to “caption” them as if they were watching the movie alongside Joel/Mike, Crow and Tom Servo. I’d totally forgotten about “Caption This” until today when I was surfing about the wild world web, but I was an active participant in the capper groups running at that time under the oh-so-original handle of “MST4000.” When bored or restless when I should have been doing work, I’d log onto, fire up my funny bone and think of witty captions for still shots from cheesy SF TV shows of the 1970s and 1980s…sort of a more creative form of a chatroom, with regulars and cliques. It was great fun but truly ephemeral entertainment: your captions would be displayed online for all to see until they were forced off the page by the next twelve cappers. I drifted away from the capping community some years ago.

Imagine my surprise (go ahead! imagine it!) when surfin’ around today and actually finding an number of extensive webpages that have preserved hundreds of the comments, saved by some thoughtful soul as screengrabs. … And among hundred of caps I re-discovered a handful of mine, riffing on Star Trek, The X-Files , and those cheesy afternoon Sci-Fi commercials. The others are long lost to the ethernet…I remember doing many dozens about Knight Rider , which used to air in the early afternoons when I’d need a self-inflicted humor break…but for your amusement (I hope) and edification (eh, maybe not), as well as a cheap way to fill in a blog post, here’s a handful of my salavaged caps from the Internet, where nothing every truly dies and the remnants of a goof-off afternoon can be found even years later.”

Question: can this be revived in an informal way on these boards, or despite it being fair use is it a copyright rabbit hole?



Just place them here and then the lawyers can’t prove anything:


Thank you!

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