Captioning in the Gizmoplex

I know I’m not the only one that uses captioning to watch show, so thought this would be a good place fir people to put their comments, suggestions and fixes here.

So far, so good. I was able to get captioning on my iPhone, laptop, and one Roku. AND they’ve certainly been better than what I’ve seen on Amazon and even Netflix (although Netflix tends to be close).

I did have captioning not working on my second Roku. However, I’ve found this to sometimes be a bit of a bug in the Roku device and after unplugging it and plugging it back in, the captions began working.

So if you’re having that issue, you may give that a shot first.


So, how long after a live event will it take before it is captioned?

Knowing the costs in captioning a live event, Is it possible to play at least the episode itself captioned during the live event and get back to captioning the rest later?


Just watched Master Ninja I in the Android app on my Chromebook and hit an odd error. Most of the captions were right (although it notably misunderstood when Jonah was talking about Jason Todd - nice reference with the hotline, BTW… I wonder which way Crow voted), but the captions would repeat themselves 10 seconds later. So someone would say a line and the caption would appear on screen. And then 10 seconds later, mixed in with the captions of what was currently being said, the earlier line would pop up again. It happened throughout the whole episode, both movie and host segments. Even while pulling through the doors back to the bridge for a host segment, I’d be seeing movie captions replaying over the doorway sequence. Haven’t tried another episode yet. Did not have that problem with the Pumaman stream replay. Anyone else see something like that?

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That is weird. I work with captions almost daily and this sounds more like a decoder issue to me and not an issue with the captions themselves. But if you use the same device/app and this problem doesn’t reappear, then I’m not really sure what might be causing it.

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Master Ninja II was fine. No repeats. Might have been an error in the caption file for that one episode? IDK.

I had the exact same thing happen.

I watched one recently where the caption artist had mixed up Tom and Crow for a full 15 minutes. Honest mistake for a non-fan but I clutched my pearls for a few minutes :joy:


@Chelsea_Nelson, do you recall what episode that was?