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This is serious, folks.

For real car talk.

HAS ANYONE EVER put either a floor jack or a bottle jack in their ride because they have come to despise the usual scissor jacks?

I think I’m going to buy an adequate floor jack and stick it in the trunk when/if I need to change a tire.

Trust me, it’s fine.


Just make sure to secure it tight, otherwise it makes a seriously damaging airborne object d’ art during a crash.


Bottle jack, flying through the sky…aerodynamic…like a rocket…

That could be on purpose!


Got my small hydraulic floor jack from… You know who


AMAZON (Warehouse)

And it’s served me well, mostly at the post office where I work :+1:


Ummmm… guys?


I would also recommend a floor jack over a bottle jack (and either over a scissor jack). It comes down to surface area. If you’re forced to change a tire on the shoulder, the larger surface area of the base of a floor jack may make the difference between a safe lift and a premature lowering of the vehicle in question.

Edit to add - yes, I do have one in the truck.


I don’t, but have plenty of SCCA friends who do keep one in their vehicle at all times (especially in the truck they use to tow a car/trailer) :+1:


Alas, not only do I have no convenient place to keep a floor jack, but also my driveway is cobblestones. I had to leave a good jack behind in Colorado because there was no room in the U-Haul.


I used to have a bottle jack in my car. Now I have no spare tire…so there’s that. They give you a fix-a-flat where a wheel should live. Ended up getting a used wheel at [local tire chain] for long trips. Saved me in Ohio once!


My Ioniq 5 doesn’t even have a well that you could put a mini-spare into. A bottle of slime and an air pump is all they give you. I have a tire plug kit for dealing with nails, anything more than that means a tow.


Yup…same! When farting around the area I just go with it. But if I’m going 2-3 hours away or more, I throw the old full size spare in the hatch!


The tires are so big on my Ioniq 5 I’m pretty sure I’d have to put the back seats down to fit a tire back there. 20 inch rims with 5 or 6 inches of tire on them makes them almost 3 feet in diameter. I’ve read some put on 18 inch rims for better efficiency and cheaper replacements. Only way that would make sense is if you could sell the 20 inch rims for enough to cover the cost of new 18 inch ones.


My car originally had 20s but the roads here are so :poop:, that I swapped to 18s and got fatter rubber. The change was like riding on clouds! :cloud: :cloud: And my speed at 65mph is only 66.3mph, so not terribly off!

(I still have my 20s for track days) :grin:


My dad’s car has been cranking long since the quickjacks lost pressure and dropped the driver side on the ground w/o wheels/tires.

Battery changed.

Starter now changed twice.

If anything, it’s worse.

I’m thinking that when he took it to the dealer to replace the damaged axle, they deleted the tune to accommodate both the headers and aftermarket throttle body? Or, the wire harness that includes the solenoid pigtail is cooked?

Also replaced a damaged front splitter and air dam.

The air dam is a $&@“;:/-!!?&$$?; to both remove and replace.

10am-7pm. For all of it.

I’m beat.

Maybe this belongs in the gripe thread???


Come join me in the hot tub! We both need a long soak!


After more research, could also be a failing fuel pump (big job)