Catalina Caper on TCM

Looks like Catalina Caper is showing on TCM later today so i set my DVR for it. Because truly it is time to experience the director’s vision of the film instead of the usual MST3k cut. :grinning:

I’m bemused to see (according to the TCM link) it has an alternate title of “Never Steal Anything Wet.” I’m even more fascinated that they list the genre as comedy - are you sure you want to go with that TCM?


That’s also the name of the song from the opening credits.


I wouldn’t mind hearing the Little Richard song without riffing. It’s a pretty good song.


They have also showed Killer Shrews,Brain that wouldn’t Die and a few others

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I finally got around to watching this on my DVR (only time without the gift of riff over it.)

So I’m watching all the women dancing in their swimsuits and shorts and think (Realizing these kids in the movie are now grand-parents…) “Okay boomers!” :grinning: